Friday, January 12, 2007


Stockholm will never know what hit it.

Hallå?!? What's the point in saying "Love to show Stockholm to trannys who visit" when you don't answer your mail for the trannies who visit?!?

Watch this space.

In the mean time, you can watch a glimpse of the trip from Helsinki to Stockholm by Jackass. It's brief, but authentic. Amazingly they immediately got the idea of the cruise trip. Now think about two trannies on the boat.

PS: We went last Friday to Dtm with Milla for standard party. Now listen. Tranny Excitement and New Experience Curve is logarithmic. While still on the initial phase, you feel it's exponential. It's not, its logarithmic. But here comes the trick. By traveling and going to new places often enough you can keep it linear. Trust me, I know what I'm talking. Now what were we talkin' about?
Highlights: Bartenders are really beginning to be our close friends. Some lessies have problems with trannies. Very impolite regarding that the lessie was very forcefully deep throat french kissing me some weeks ago. Ok neither of us remembers the occasion fully, but friends remind. Paris Hilton was utterly unhappy and bored, but after I told her she's very very beautiful she blossomed - and told me "You're too. In your own way". That was funny! She was Paris Hilton, although from Estonia, judging by accent. And then this supacute Finnish blonde who was enchanted by my (ok, maybe also Milla's) aura.. Came to tell I'm unbelievably lovely. Didn't come for continuation at our place, though. I was driving, but Milla didn't get nearly as wasted as me usually. What's wrong with that girl?

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Chrissy J. said...

Lesbians... strange creatures! They either love us, or hate us...

Fortunately 'my' lesbian Beth loves me, in the platonic sense of course!