Monday, February 05, 2007

Amsterdam explained

Ingredients for a good night out in Amsterdam:

1. Check out and their good calendar on events and places. For hooking up with locals they have plenty of Dutch tranny profiles too, but if your Dutch is a little rusty, you're just out of luck.. Might try some international sites like tvchix or urna instead.
2. Go to Rembrantplein which seems to be the center of nightlife. Lellebel seems to be THE tranny place in town, so a good spot to start the night with drag queen bartenders and a mixed crowd.
3. Proceed to the neighbourhood LGBT & normal discos.
4. Drink, dance & have fun
5. If you're gonna walk back home, don't have too high heels and try to figure out where you're going. Amsterdam is by the way very safe city in my opinion.

Guess where?

So Valerie ventured into the Sin City night. Lots of fun. Unfortunately I managed to book a hotel that was on completely opposite side of city from Rembrandtplein. What the heck, the 24h public transport ticket (6,50e) is convenient. I was wondering beforehand a little the reactions I might make in a posh 5 star hotel but what the heck, I'm a hot confident chick, especially after a bottle of Shiraz. Walked through the tourist hell walking streets to catch a tram. No reactions at all. Took tram. Some older Dutch gentleman explained me something mysterious, but couldn't unfortunately speak English. Later I thought maybe I was sitting in elderly people's place or something.

I had tried to hook up with locals, but filtering out all nicks like pvc_sub_tranny_slut_in_bondage I was left with very few candidates. Why is it that trannies in Central Europe seem to be so much more into kinky action? Or is it just the ones that are in the net? Got prompt replies for my inquiries but unfortunately they couldn't make it. Thanks for the advices anyway!

Prepared and ready to rock

After getting a little lost I found it into Lellebel. Wow. A bar the size half of my kitchen. With a quick glance the situation was like this (in the very very packed bar remember): drag barmaids (2 pieces), TVs (2 pieces), TSs (2 pieces), horny admirers (15 pieces). Very quickly ordered my VRB #1 and positioned myself next to The Other Tranny. While the turkish taxi driver behind me was probing my selection of knickers for the night, I befriended with the tranny and we found out we both like to dance and had similar plans for the night. Instant agreement of a night together. She was with a ggirl colleague who she went to pick up for a night out on town as a girl, never having been told her being a tranny. Cool. And the girl was totally cool and fun about this new revelation too.

So we went to You II LGBT club to have a good dance. Place was smallish but a proper bar/club agreed, half empty when we entered but got properly packed while we were dancing.

She wanted to continue the night in Club 80, but the queue was so apalling we retreated, and went to a club called Sinners. Despite the name it was just a normal (very hetero too) nightclub in two floors. Spent the rest of the night there. Walked back to hotel. What an idea.

Turkish bagel after hours
Was fun. Will replay.

Did I tell you my favourite bling bling teen princess shop in Amsterdam had -70% sale?

Pink: U + UR hand


Anonymous said...

Cool. :-)

I think I went to Club 80 when I was in Amsterdam. Can't remember much about it though.

Isn't Lellebel tiny? It's bizarre that somewhere like Amsterdam has such a small tranny "scene". Maybe because people are so laid back it gets rid of the need?

Thanks for helping me recall some fond memories of the place. :-)

Chrissy J. said...

I'd like to go to Amsterdam, just so I could say, "Yahh, for shuuuure" just like the locals do...

Sounds like you had a great time anyway! Must think about going later in the year...