Friday, November 09, 2007

Miss Drag Queen 08

Not me ;) I'm happy, tired, still having fever, and heading downtown to Milla-tv's birthdy bash.

Just a quick note, I'll update this later with pictures, hopely some video too.

I'm quite happy with the show I put up, Madonna's Fever performance from the Girlie Show-tour and Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For? from a live TV show performance. 1:1 with costumes and coreographies.

I've read there are three types of drag performances: humorous presentation of feminity - "man in dress", ridiculing of feminity or certain female personas, and respect of feminity. My things is the last one, I paid homage to Madonna & Gwen Stefani. It's the rarest type of drag, plus a dancing drag is real endangered species.

Judging was definitely poo. They were trying to imitate Idols format and were very negative, I didn't get a single positive comment.. There was a professional drag artist & dancer judge but he didn't realize what my shows were based on. The others, two minor tv-celebs were giving mostly some random critic..

Nice experience anyway. Time to move on.


Joanna said...

Never mind hon.. you gave it a shot..

Sounds like they didnt deserve you ;)

Penny M said...

Valerie, did you YouTube your performance? I'd love to see it.

Valerie S said...

Yes but it'll probably take couple of weeks before I've gotten and processed the tape. I'll keep you posted!