Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sawaddee pi mai!

The year has changed and I wish a better, luckier, lovelier year for everybody, myself included ;)

I was supposed to be diving in the south already but I'm still in Bangkok ;) Who hates Bangkok hates life. Life is good.

I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and generated a chapter or two to my memoirs - again. Put it briefly went out partying in an outfit that got half the city whistling after me. Hooked up with a transvestite pro and her gay friend with whom we roamed the streets and clubs. Doing sex for money in Amsterdam's Red Light District - check. LOL wups now you know.. Unfortunately the long night ended with the bloody frickin idiot gay stealing my laptop. I haven't been writing about that trip as police was tracking him down and I handed my Valerie contact cards with my blog address to them. My Christmas present was news he was found and so was my laptop. Praise Amsterdam police and certain gorgeus long legged blonde Dutch in the forces whom I dutifully explained my whereabouts that night. Well not quite all LOL.. "If you want to recognize me from the surveillance cameras I'm the one with blonde hair, short leather mini (short enough to show my stayups) and high heel boots" - "The hotel security confirmed there was somebody who could have been a tranny" I take that as a compliment as they didn't clearly recognize it LOL. I was supposed to go to Clinic Fetish Party the night after but I got so freaked out by my stolen laptop that it killed all my party mood. Only parts were backed up so 5gigs of pictures, personal records, official records of some organizations I'm heading and my company bookkeeping lost! Yikes.. I'm so happy it was found, hopely I can recover most of the data as well.

working girl

Moral of the story: Don't trust Bulgarian people with questionable lifestyle, even though your best friends happen to be Bulgarian and Russian. The fact they are ph.d. might contribute more than their nationality.

The following week I was working in NL and got so frustrated with seemingly no advances in the investigation I went back to RLD try track the bitches down.. In between I decided to check the Casa Roso live sex show which is claimed to be "something you have to see once in your life" by respectable travel guides. I've never been to one so why not? Crowd mostly middle-aged Jap salarimen. The first show was just B-class striptease, next one a middle aged, overwheight "domina" show I wasn't even very interested in. Middle of the show she came down stage looking for partner from the audience. After unsuccessfully trying to have the salariman behind me she turned to me. Mistake. Now I've been on stages with thousands of people in audience and I've done striptease and unfortunately I'm a bit crazy whatever clothes, although it doesn't show until I do something ;) So there I was on Casa Rosso stage with 50 people watching.. I warned the girl I don't like hard spanking, and after a second one I slammed her back on her ass. Friendly, but firmly. I do have a hard time being a bottom you know. Mistake. The show stopped and this mountain of flesh nickname security literally threw me out of the place. Something to laugh at afterwards but I wasn't so happy at the moment. I pay to come to see bad shows, I'm asked to participate in it and when I slap a girl on her ass in a s/m show it's beyond limits? Get real..

Moral of the story: I really don't have to participate in everything I can, some things are just not worth it.

I did my pit stop record: two weeks in Belgium - Netherlands, 30 hours from touchdown to Bangkok takeoff, 12 hours at home. Oh and I was flying business Bangkok, free champagne all the way! ;) I had my TG alarm ringing loud all the way, I was 97% sure my fellow passanger on the row was a m2f TS going for SRS or FFS, but due to acute shyness and the Norwegian guy between us I held myself from the friendly line "You TS?"

There was some spice to this otherwise seemingly dull blog of my party escapades. Hope you still love me LOL.. I'll be back in couple of weeks.

Happy 2008!


Joanna said...

wow.. sounds like a crazy few weeks!

Good luck for 2008! Hope you have a good one, and hopefully a safe one!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. xxx