Monday, November 03, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

Had a sparkling Halloween party in a good company.

We closed down Puuteri for 3 days to educate the Delta Tau Chis about internet forum behaviour, clean the place a little bit and simply, to have a perfect Halloween holiday :)

We started receiving plenty of feedback and remarkably, 100% supportive and approving. Talk about taking the right move. Also last night on going back online everybody was happy for us coming back. Thanks everybody for support.

Looking back my mistake has been trying to get along with everybody and being active on the forum on day-to-day discussions. Therefore I tried to deal the issue on personal relations, not just cold implementation of rules. Lesson learned. I also re-found Becky's old gem: Envérité's version of Godwin's Law and started implementing that :P

What's funny, local people seem to have started reading my blog. Obviously somebody's been sending a link. I've never advertised it to anyone and consider it my semi-private diary where I'm for instance ranting about the idiots social challenges I come across and then be able to continue with the requirements of a civilized society.

Looks like some people have been bruised by my previous post. First of all, it's truth. Truth needs to be told when too many people believe lies. Truth screams to be told when lies try to replace truth publicly. Second, if somebody acts like an idiot she must face being called one. I can apologize my rant to one person, H, because she apologized me for her part of the mess. Otherwise, it's been very quiet so I count having 5-1 lead.

Time to move on. Case closed.

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