Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vally soo ballyhoo

I know I've promised a zillion times I'll write about my adventures but but.. Mostly it just ends up in a short FB status message, an occasional flickr pic and some comment in Puuteri forum. As I have a Sunday morning lie-in I try to catch up on this week.

Thursday we hooked up ad-hoc with Patricia to go out. She's very nice but I've never had opportunity to go just two of us. Program was special because we stuck to normal bars! First to Baker's for their night starter special, 1e for glass of sparkling happy hour. That's my place! We managed to destroy several bottles' worth of the material. Then to one of Helsinki's most famous bars, Hotel Torni Ateljee Bar! Tiny panorama bar over the rooftops of Helsinki with special toilets: windows without any curtains opening over Helsinki. Had some glasses of sparkling there too and of course visited the ladies'.. Then erm.. we visited some more bars all around town before ending up in Kaarle XIII for the rest of the night. That's extreme I tell you, it's a place (especially on Thursday) for office people to party hard and look for one night stands. We fit there actually very well and had a blast. I'm afraid I did a crazy show again, judging from all the bruises and aching the morning after. Going home some man joined me and tried to talk me into having some intimate sessions. But as he was a bit worried if I'm really really a woman I politely told him to go to hell. What a blast, need to go more to mainstream bars!

Friday morning wasn't so much of a blast, I needed to go to work and I was simply dead (and thoroughly marinated) meat. Ouch.

Yesterday switched mode and had a huge dance party. I'll spare details for identity protection but let me just say it hell feels nice to still after some years be #1 dancer in country (in a certain subculture natch)..

Now waiting for tonight's burlesque party Helsinki to Honolulu via Hysteria. Should be grrrreat party - on a ship - with shipload of US performers, including Diamond Daggers, a queer vaudeville show group. I'm gonna make a bold move and wear my pvc sailor outfit from Amsterdam that covers about as much as a napkin of my body. That's why I've been running 10km sets and eating mostly salad this week ;) Pics will be delivered later. Helsinki Burlesque organisers Bettie and Kiki are the most awesome and lovely pair of ladies and they just love us tgirls coming to their parties.

Only problem is I'm not sure what shoes to wear, maybe I need to go look around shops today. My honey tries to point out I've got already hundreds at home (that's true, actually) but she doesn't really understand this shoe-thing. Every occasion needs it's own shoes and I'm definitely lacking pin up sailor pumps!

Some of these days I'm going to take a break from partying, but next weekend is midsummer fiesta and I'm organising girly party at my place, then next weekend is Helsinki Pride and I'm organising picnic in the park plus evening party to go and then Sparkle is around the corner..

Somebody give me second life.


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Great post!.. really enjoyed your thoughs.. thanks

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