Sunday, July 05, 2009

Situation: Normal, all f...

HEL- MAN - HEL tickets - check
The Place, 4 nights, 2 bedrooms - check
Tattoo session booked - check
Hairdresser & extensions booked - check
Gel nails booked - check
Write report about 1) Helsinki Burlesque where I went with skimpy PVC sailor outfit 2) DTM foam party I went in bikinis and err.. 3) Helsinki Pride, again in bikinis etc - mmm is there any more red left?

I'm still looking for a reporter to follow me to cover the adventures! Volunteers?

Hey, I'm on holiday. Yay!

PS: Jo, I so will bring you rollmops!
PS2: ...and I promised Jo to take it easy. Watch this space as they say!


Joanna said...

will believe it when I see it :)

Hang on to the rollmops...

see you on Thursday!

Valerie S said...

bought rollmops for Jo - check :P

franky said...

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