Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eurovision Countdown 2

I'm professionally informed. My bet goes on:
çomme ci comme ça of Cyprus and
Natalie Barbu of Moldova

My special prize on Best Christina Aquilera/Maxi Jazz Imitation goes for
Poland. Beware of the Polish Plumber.

Or take a look at
most of them. Special sympathy goes to DJ Bobo of Swizerland and Denmark with I'm Your drama queen tonight.

Finland suxx with Hanna Pakarinen: Leave Me Alone, but I cannot symphatize more the 2nd Lovex: Anyone Anymore.

Remember I told you first.

Now I promised the mother of all parties anyone coming to Finland for Eurovision. My place being the HQ. So?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmm, cheapest flight I could find was £300 return. Expensive party. :-(

But you know I'd go to HEL* and back for you, if I could afford it. :-)



P.S. I noticed the edit! ;-)

*From LHR. ;-)