Friday, March 16, 2007

Scientific Experimentation

Even though I haven't written anything for almost a month I have 15 daily readers? You must have gotten here accidentaly, hush, go away! ;)

Sometimes too much happens in life to have time to write about it. Or it's too personal. Or both.

To summarize, I've been out to town couple of times in between. The latest night got wilder than ever, I think I exceeded all my previous performances.. Then I was in Amsterdam, also some Valerie partying there. And the party was pretty hard, consider me trying to keep things sensible. Maybe I'll post some piccies and details later.

Now I'm suffering the mother of all influenzas, having +39C for the 4th day.


Jessica Sweet TV said...

GEt well from the influenza, so you can go back to partying.

Joanna said...

get well soon babes ;)