Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is this real?

Greetings from Brussels.

I need a secretary.

My Visa card is damaged so it doesn't work properly and my mobile ceased working, presumably because I have forgotten to pay the bill. It's a surreal feeling to be abroad and have your phone switched off. I've had a mobile for over ten years already, always available and at hand. Hooray for internet now.

When I come home from my travels I have 10 kilos of post, throw half of it away and the rest somewhere else accumulating half a meter stacks of Things I Should React On. And how are you supposed to keep track of all the bills? And for gods sake, why doesn't the phone company send me a sms reminder? It's a phone company after all. Then I try to keep up with the tens of daily emails to organize several organizations and my private life which is rather multifaceted. And I hate routine work. Especially paying bills. Ok, I could do better, but I think I have a semi burn out as well. Working too much, partying too much and too many, sometimes tough things happening all the time.

I need a secretary. Keep your thumbs up I'll be able to return home.

Or then it's all a grand conspiracy and when I go to the airport the guys with black suits will come and you will never hear of me again.

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