Saturday, April 21, 2007

When dreams come true


Remember when I promised to have an energized 2007? Well heck it's been just the first quarter and what a year it's been already.. Some other things I was dreaming of last autumn have realized too. What can one do when dreams come true? What should you do when you find your match? Live it to the max, if you ask me. Vado al massimo!

It's funny that the more happens and the crazier things get, the less I write or post pics about anything. Well poor you. I will try to write something. Unfortunately I'm saying that famous "I will try" too often nowadays as I'm just overwhelmed by many things in my life. Just recently I spent 3 hours at home in 2 week's time.. And that was my good night's sleep. Will head to airport tomorrow again.

I've been out practically every week. The pic above is from last Saturday. While drinking sparkling at DTM bar some girl took a photo of us and it got published in Papper, a swedish language urban youth magazine, in an article about sexual minorities and a special weekend they had last weekend. Somewhere in Flickr you can verify my 15cm skirt did flash my suspenders & fishnets rather generously. I got very very wasted and managed to destroy my brand new italian 4" heel boots - I lost one heel! Our danceshow with Milla (girlfriend) was again the attraction of the bar, I was told. Unfortunately I remember only parts the night. Oops, I did it again..

Jamelia - Beware of the Dog

I've always been a great fan of Depeche Mode, and this one's a cover with some kick-ass attitude.

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