Monday, July 02, 2007

City 7 a.m.

Standing in hot shower this morning 7 a.m. I felt exhausted. I'm sick and tired of booking hotels and flights, rushing to planes, losing my baggage, wondering my Visa credit, going all the time to new places working with people I will never meet again. Coming back home to find a pile of bills overdue, mould in fridge and trying miserably to manage my other parts of life.

I just want to sleep late, sit on my country house stairs in sunshine with a fresh espresso, with my stupid but cute cats. Have nothing important to do but moving the lawn.

Maybe with someone. Time for decisions.

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Anonymous said...

:( hon

If the job is making you feel this down then I'd agree with you about finding something else. At the very least you need to talk things over with your boss.

Take care hon. xx

PS: Call me whilst you are in town and we can hit the tiles together whilst reflecting on our lives. You can get my number off Jo.