Saturday, July 07, 2007

LND (Cry me a river)

Came back from London last night. Heathrow was in state of chaos, I queued two hours for check-in and then security screening. Plane was one and half hours late. Well, luckily. Nobody still has any idea where my baggage is. All make up and most of jewellery gone. Lots of clothes and shoes. Gonna be fun filing the insurance claim.

Went on Wednesday with Karol & Todd to Two2Much club in Soho. As a boy, because it was impossible to get a wig & boobs working all the days in & out. Had lots of fun anyway, Karol is good company and a lovely person. Too much fun, as the following morning at work I was still quite properly drunk. OMG. I'll take some holiday in London dedicated for partying.

Thursday I saw Clarissa for a peaceful after work pint and Italian dinner - in a slightly more upmarket place than she had thought :)

Last two weeks - with all their twists and turns - showed me again how wonderful friends I have accumulated.

* * *

Life is letting me drink so deeply from its cup I have to be very grateful, but sometimes I pay a great price. Ironically, within a week's time I am now saying goodbye to all the three women I have really loved during the last years.. So much love, hopeless crying and trying come to an end.

Nelly Furtado: All good things (come to an end)

I'm off to sea for a while. That's a place where I have peace of mind.


Joanna said...


Glad you had a good time over here. I'm still really bummed that circumstances meant I couldn't get up to London to say Hi. Glad Clarissa and Karol could look after you though!

Fingers crossed on the luggage. Don't get any ideas about driving cars full of flaming breast forms into Helsinki airport!

I really hope things work out for you babes. I'm never very good on relationship advice but I'm sure things will work out for the best.

Take care, enjoy the boats and I'll see you again soon I hope!

Anonymous said...

Yeah shame we're a bit too far from London to meet up too.

See you soon, I hope! :-)



Karol Cross said...

Really glad you enjoyed yourself Valerie. I had a really lovely night, and we'll definitely do it "properly" the next time you're over!

Take care hon
Karol x

Anonymous said...

Visiting your site for a long time! You have chosen a great song for the goodbyes. All Good Things brings me to Bangkok: it was my favourite song at the time I was there.

Take care and see you on Saturday.