Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ha! I'll just write this funny googlestorming instead of putting any of my real thoughts down:

Got utterly annoyed reading Cross Dresser #1 the Pope himself, God's chosen Man in a Dress declaring fight against homo- and transexuality is as important as protection of the environment.
While googling around for a humour picture of Pope dressing in a cross aka cross-dressing for my forum post I came up with a seemingly interesting blog by a 20sh Helsinki girl. Haha she's the same ice queen I've met several times in DTM whos head-in-the-arse "I must be the most handsome hetero in the bar" boyfriend is groping my wife's arse (and surely others') at every possibly chance. Last time I got enough and was going to make an issue but my beloved wife changed her mind that something had happened so I was left without evidence.


I so hate those types coming to gay bars and 1) thinking they can behave like they were in their regular hilly-billy pub 2) totally incapable of even imagining a heterosexual tranny, and yes, that gorgeous girl you're fancying is actually with him, and thank you, go back were you crawled out from! Well we've had several hilarious nights observing that self-conscious couple making such a loser joke out of themselves it's almost ok.

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