Monday, December 29, 2008


My today's Flickr stats: 1.010 call me a contact, 500.000+ views on my pics, 670 unread mail.

1.010 contact viewers and nobody to sponsor me a pro account, which I've been observing after mine expired a few months ago ;) (And no, if you're intelligent enough to read my blog I don't want you to sponsor it!!!)

Instead of aiming for the magical million views milestone I think I'll scale down. Actually a million views shouldn't be too difficult nowadays. Flickr is hugely popular, just post whatever (especially x-rated whatever) on continuous fire and post it to as many pools as you can, et voilá just in a month and a half.

Flickr was essential in my coming out years ago, a sudden paradise island of quality trannies forming a community. Now it's the Manila waste dump where one can occasionally find something nice. To advance the message of Tranny Freedom and Fun I took the task of documenting - okay, at least trying to! - my whereabouts in a diary format (ok, a byproduct of selfishly posting my pictures all over and get masses of fans calling "Amazing!", "You're so beautiful!", "urhot got msn?"). Now I think I've done my part. Maybe I'll change it to a portfolio of my best portraits. Maybe I'll even set up my pro photo studio gear and take a few shots.

Actually taking a more closed look at photography again could be interesting. I still haven't read the manual of my Nikon D200 I bought over two years ago! I used to teach photography and b/w printing at my University...

If teh internets is all about peer content creation while majority of net users anyway still are consumer couch potatoes, why do the artists need to pay the bill?

Another annoying thing btw is if I wanted to put my huge amount of boy-pictures online I should buy another account. Why not be able to have a single repository of content and then being able to publish different views for different audiences?

Sorry Flickr but I'll add to global downturn and not renew my pro account. Which btw has gotten more expensive during the years. I always thought there are economies of scale in teh nets?

Valerie's 1st theorem of web 2.0 : as the user base of a social content sharing web site grows big enough to support actual business model, the original content- and community creating core users start to get fed up.


Joanna said...

2nd theorem of web2.0 is that any good idea sooner or later ends up as a dumping ground for porn....


Pandora Caitiff said...

I'm quite perturbed by some of the comments left on my friends' Flickr pics.

I keep quite a low profile, but even I have photos favourited by dirty old men with no profile pic or photos of their own (and often a favourites list entirely of penises poking out of panties!)


sophie h said...

I wonder how many the 'dirty old men' actually read my profile and still ignore the 'no penises' bit, and how many just dont bother before trying to add me. Dont they realise they just go onto the blocked list?
Sorry Valerie youve got me going now. :o)