Friday, January 23, 2009

Real time

Yay! It's happening again. You remember what happened last time? It's Cosmo #3 going and it ain't gonna finish anytime soon..
Epilator is the devil's revenge for women!
But I try to switch for that as razor shaving makes my legs go all blisters, looking I have like plague or something...
Frickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin hurts! 4 days growth makes me suffer seriously! I think I need Cosmo #4!
We have a winner! At worst moments I was concentrating on Khmer Rouge concentration camps and repeating "Pain is only my imagination". First prize: Cosmo #5
So we were supposed to hit town with Timi but she couldn't come. Now I have full party stock all to my own. Or actually, had. Let's see tomorrow if anything's left.. My 2008 DTM vip expired, let's see if I get new one tonight. Yes I haven't been out for ages!!!
We have reached cruising altitude: alcometer says 1.1%%
There's a new LGBT bar in town called Feeniks!?! Need to go check it sometime.
-> shower
Cosmo #6
Ready for make-up but hey, nobody's downtown before 23 so what's the hurry? Cosmo #7 and Ministry of Sound. I usually take shower, shave, dress, and only dressed start to do make up. Also practical as it would be inconvenient dress up with all slap on. I'm not bothering about my nails as they are all fucked up anyway. I will go next week to have gel artificial nails *promise*
Alcometer is all "HI" meaning > 2%% after cosmo #7 - but hey machines lie anyway (see Eddie Izzard)
Cosmo #8 - btw I'm not just sitting and getting berusad, I'm chatting in Puuteri and Facebook - busy!
Valerie's "I iz cheapo" lip-tip: Asian tiger palm. It contains cajuput, cinnamon & clover oil - guaranteed to make your lips swollen = fuller :P PS: I just invented that myself!
Honey is dressing & making up, I'm having Cosmo #9 + chatting + partying (Kelly Rowland: Work [Freemasons Remix])
Cosmo #10 & Armin van Buuren : Imagine!
I'm made up! So beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!
Cosmo #11
Back home
Is it ok if I just die?
10.12 am
Just woke up. Had a fun night out but surprisingly quiet at DTM yesterday - that's why we finished before closing time. Very very easy nowadays to go there as I have a flat just three blocks away. No more suffering in taxi queue or arguing who's the designated driver. Now smoothing music, tomato juice and hot bath in candle light with my honey baby, later off to country house for total relaxation and sauna. Tomorrow we'll host a kind of house-warming party here for friends and go for DTM snuggle Sunday. Over and out!

-*- Cosmopolitan -*-
1.5 cl Triple Sec(Cointreau)
1 cl Lime juice (sweet)
3 cl Cranberry juice
2.5 cl Vodka

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