Friday, January 30, 2009


Just retreated for a relaxing weekend at countryside and then DTM (manager who just got a new boyfriend and is utterly happy) announces they have tomorrow special night w/ sparkling wine 10e/bottle!?! Decisions, decisions. Missing today already Helsinki Burlesque goes Hehku (lebian girls monthly club).

I trashed myself last weekend totally, twice. Destroying a pair of high heel boots included. Is the capability to warm up while making up with 12 cosmopolitans an asset or liability? It surely is liability after entering the bar as my bills are always awesome. Problem is, after gaining speed there are no limits, I just keep going like duracel.

Anyhoo I think I had some point when I started writing (before all the glasses of red)..

I just had artificial gel nails done today. Nice and actually totally natural as I didn't take any extra length. Now I'll just sit and watch them growing naturally. I've been wondering the eternal issue of "advanced" CD's over and over again. It would be easy to be firmly on either side of the fence, but balancing the act in-between is a difficult job to do. For most of society you need to present yourself as normal, keeping up a perfectly satisfying heterosexual relationship but then in meantime present your feminine side and do it good. Going forward with plucked brows, full-body shaving, artificial nails, ear (and other) piercings, lasering beard etc inevitably makes your appearance more and more feminine. Entering no-man's land where your old mates just might start talking behind your back. Where you start to wonder if you want to hang around with the old any more.. I haven't faced anything but I'm well aware of the fact that my outlook is lingering the border of.. non-conventional. And the problem is I've only started! I'd love to do many many more things. But still I'd like to repair my 4x4 and go hunting. On surface it looks like modern society is accepting about sex roles, but when it comes to a man with good dress sense, high heels, artificial nails, and arguing about transmission overhaul.. Not really.

Lady Gaga: Poker Face

PS: the title is a theme of this week's biggest job assignment: World's #1 consulting we-know-everything organisation is calling me all the time being lost how to create a certain architecture. Aaaargh. Talk about balancing act between knowing all the details of enterprise IT architecture and smoke eye makeup techniques. And more. *sigh*

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