Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alive and kicking

Maybe I should write something to prove I'm still alive.

Kind of hard to decide what to write about, lot's of things happening all the time. Life is good. Admitted, also Facebook is eating the urge, so much easier to just write a single comment to FB than sit down and come up with a blog post worth reading (and writing).

Did something new today: UFF second hand clothes shop has everything for 2 euros and we went with Tita & our spouses to check out. Not so much my style of shopping but actually I was very happy with the bag of finds I ended up with: very nice jeans, shirts and cool tartan skirt. My style, ok quality at 5% price. Wowsers. Maybe I start to visit those shops more, helps in keeping up two wardrobes.

Yesterday I went to DTM (again) with Tita & her crazy-lovely gf and some other friends. The 15e sparkling bottles made time fly and all of sudden it was 4am closing time. Why this happens to me always? Wednesdays and Sundays are quite nice though quietish because the primetime "hey let's go to see a gay bar" idiot turists don't bother. Curses of a successful gay bar..

Eurovision fever is rising with finals in Moscow on Saturday. Finland's Waldo is in finals, yay! Don't forget to vote them! :) DTM has been having special nights with all the semifinals, for some reason lgbt folk love ESC. Gonna be interesting to see how the planned Moscow Pride will go. If the Russian "Omon" special forces think of sabotaging it, they should look into mirror!

Btw, I'm coming to Sparkle, and might visit UK in June as well. Yay!


Campbell said...

I watch ESC for the dresses :) It was also quite funny with Terry Wogan commenting here in the UK. Graham Norton this year isn't quite so good so far.

I wish you lots of good weather and fun for Sparkle too.

Unknown said...

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