Saturday, May 16, 2009

ESC 2009

19.45 EET

Four bottles of Cabernet Syrah - check.
Barbeque - check.
Sauna warming up - check.

All ready for tonight's Eurovision finals, watch this space for live coverage. Unfortunately my country house phone line seems to be dead so I'm hanging on mobile gprs connection..

While waiting, watch Swedish impression of Russians - I lol'd when I saw the Russian ESC show, it was just the same sans dancing bear.

22.00 EET On Air!
Cirque Du Soleil show is nice
So they've changed to 50% jury voting as they've noticed people vote for neighbouring countries - Balkans win anyone? 20 mini-nations...

Dima Bilal?!? Impressive entre!
His last year performance was very weird, I don't understand how he win - blame Balkans..

New hosts are much better! The semifinals bloke-host was an idiot.

Lithuania: Nice country I've visited for business many times - I like! A bit unconventional from the ubermacho ex-SSSR state with a taste of lgbt hatred.

Suspected to get into finals by jury votes. Boring song, bring me Dana International!

Ooh Patricia Kaas! It doesn't matter what happens in ESC, she's too big for it! Subtitles for the uncivilized of us ;) How nice of her to give her divine aura for earthly ESC - what a dramatic performance!!!

Beloved neighbour! What a strong blonde amazon! Nightwish style opera-singing.. I just might give my vote for SE..

Balkan style ubermacho stuff with male lead singer and number of female singers picked based on their outlook - wife comments "oh handsome!" - daah... "Holy Beauty"... Oh yeah... Not impressed. What? He sing about Tena?!? That's an adult diaper!!!

I love the country and culture but the song and band is funny! They have so much groovy styles why they don't use them? But all respect goes to relying on traditional style. Not many countries have the history to do that..

Island of fairytales - never visited but plan for long time. Mira mira.. Geysirs and ponies. 18-year singer does her best to present the exotic country. Nice in overall, but that's not enough we know, don't we?

Greek god Sakis. Greeks like to party! First proper party song :) LGBT points delivered, definitely! This is our night! Nice show but a bit lacking from winner performance. Ok Greek trip booked for this summer.

Core Europe singing. Why they say Armenia is always a sure bet for ESC finals? Why do we have these countries in ESC!?! After 5 years we have China and Thailand participating.

WTF, she is from Ukraine. Why she presents Russia? Slavic sad love ballad. No fear they win this year ;)

He live in Sweden since 10 - Azer or Swedish? Nice duo and song, but not really winner potential. Sorry Marina ;).

Bosnia - Herzegovina
Balkan ballad - seen that, heard that. Next. I do remember drinking a lot of tequila in Bulgaria and getting numerous new best friends from the Balkans - but their songs suck!

Arab style explosion one more time... OMG. Come see my country, come see our traditional dance style. I respect cultures and originality but IS ESC place for that?!?!

An island easily forgotten at the Mediterranean. What's nice and funny about ESC you get to be reminded of all the UN recognized states from Europe to the Eurasian.. Andorra being my favourite ;) Anyhoo Malta is standard pompouse ballad, see you next year.

Beloved southern cousins. They almost speak the same language. Only country to so such a wise move. Nice female band, and singing in Estonian! Props. Nice stuff, but too peaceful for ESC?

Ooooh Nordic cousins. Had Drag Queen last year or the one before. Props! Standard ESC song about love. Nice. Doesn't impress me though, much.

Evermost best-looking and groovy German I've ever seen! What a pity it's just 20% of hotness of official video. Do check it out! Unfortunately live performace will disappear in history...

Standard Turk show with belly dancing, Arab sounds and shouting. Winner stuff for ESC, naturally. Not impressed, sorry.

Geography classes taught Albania is the most disadvanteged country in Europe, communist state with bunkers and donkeys. They seem to have advanced, at least in regard of synthesizer music.

From Russia originally.. Hmm... WTF?!? OMG and they thought this fun stuff will win?

Be my valentine. Good Show! Looks like Ukrainians can make a party :) Maybe I should go there for a visit ;)

Props for use of samba-beat. Singing not so impressive. Grrrrrrl power.

Lloyd Webber aye! Tough stage for her as UK do awful every year. She is very very nice. About song I'm not so sure. And I was listening to Cats LP's since 10... Too simple song if you ask me: "Itäs my time" : ad infinitum...

Finland!!!! Vote for us!!!! I don't want to lose control.
Simple eurodance but NATCH it should win!!!

Nice dress and sexy song. Is it enough? Mixed Spanish and English. Hawt.

Haha Russian commentary from MIR: Asian comment: "They like to show power" - indeed.

Fuerza Bruta
I love these Cirque shows.. What an ingenious pool show! How nice from Chile!

How come Norway get winning points? Cannot get it..
WTF Sweden voting only 4 points for Finland? And I voted for Sweden.. But what is it really about Norway?!? It's not really an ESC song. Norway and Turkey leading oh yeah...

Norwegians are nice but their '09 ESC song is crap! What kind of people vote for them?

Norwegian win is a fact but mystery. Asian opinion is "they vote for gasoline". Congrats To Norway, see you in Oslo next year. Wine finished, over and out!

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