Friday, October 20, 2006

Men and mice

Last Saturday was a bit special, we went with Milla to Bizarre Club fetish party in Jyväskylä, some 300kms north of Helsinki. I've been to kinky parties several times before so I wasn't particularly excited about that, but never dressed as girl so it was a new experience. Why I was looking forward to the occasion is that in ordinary places one has to have some limit to the choice of clothes.. And I wanted to do Tranny French Maid. Isn't that a classic?

Maid's night out

We had bought identical pvc maid outfits from Honour with Milla. Problems started with the petticoat. The dress is too short to be worn by any tranny without a petticoat (just ask Becky!), and a proper maid calls for a generous petticoat. But they were nowhere to be found! Some prospects were spotted in goth clothes stores, but imagine the choice of coulours: black, black, black...

Desperate situations call for desperate solutions, so I googled "how to make a petticoat" (now stop laughing about those crazy search phrases!) and bought 20m of tulle on Friday afternoon. I found a marvellous site explaining how to make ballet tutus, which is just the most voluminous petticoat you can imagine. Actually too voluminous, I put only half of the layers into it and the maid's dress was already pointing to the sky...

We had also visiting star with us, Johanna, a nice young fetish tv who was too shy to get involved in any photos - not so shy in some other aspects. The party itself was a bit bummer, not many people, no program or shows, mainly sitting and staring and occasional performances that always attracted a crowd. So we had a jolly threesome, I was serving champagne and we were killing time. Oh and I broke a heart again, one lady just couldn't keep me out her mind (or fingers). Somebody told I look like Samantha Fox, in a good way. w00t!? I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky, I should be so lucky in love..

Quite many tv's present, all sorts. In Finland the kinky/fetish parties tend to be THE place where trannies go out and many don't venture outside that world. Which is a big shame, if you imagine a young tranny coming out. What is the image she gets? Now don't get me wrong, fetish and kinky parties can be a lot of fun, but too often it's semi-nervous, semi-ashamed standing without much socialising, surrounded by all sorts of freaks in pvc, rubber and leather. If trannying gets identified with this scene it's not gonna be something to be shared with the wider public. Fetish parties are a good place to try your wings (I did that!) because it's an accepting environment, but I pray trannies wouldn't stop there. Problem is there are no tranny clubs or nights out in Finland, it's a huge step to go into ordinary lgt nightclub.

After the party 3 a.m. we stopped on the outskirts of Jyväskylä to grab some food and coffee for the trip home. Johanna was scared because she didn't have any non-pvc change clothes, unlike me and Milla. Whatever, the gas station was almost deserted with less than ten people, we ordered the food and ate. Then three young blokes came to the next table and started staring. After a while one of them (the leader, isn't it always?) shouted: "They are all f*cking men! They are f*cking trannies!" It was a new situation, I've never got any negative feedback, so I held my breath and went through different scenarios involving thai boxing in a wig. I turned to them and replied "And you are not men but mickey mice". Murmuring things about trannies they stood up and changed to the furthest table in the corner. I was laughing from all my heart. I don't enjoy confrontations, but I don't want to sit iddle and take sh*t on me from morons either.

The rest was torture, I had promised to drive back so I drove the 300kms fighting against sleep. Luckily roads were empty so I was fast and furious while Milla and Johanna slept happily. We would have stayed in a hotel but all the places were fully booked because of a snow mobile fair. I bet you don't have these problems in UK, do you?

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Joanna said...

Good comeback to the guys...

And that's a fabulous outfit ;) Well done on the tutu making - maybe you should start selling them.. ;)