Thursday, October 26, 2006

Espresso, champagne, vodka rb, and my other addictions

Err.. Do I owe an explanation? I'll try one now that I've grounded.

Miss Divet

We went out with Milla on Friday to DTM, our place of choice. I felt like a party girl and wore appropriate clothes. After last weekend's french maid success I felt happy and ready to kick ass. Also, Milla was driving so I had both hands free to indulge in happiness. Well, nobody ended driving actually. There was Miss Divet Drag show including some dancers. Show was nice, though not nearly as energetic as the Les Femmes earlier. Not so crowded night, but we ended up having the time of our lives in excellent company.

Ended up sleeping 3 hours before putting slap on again for Saturday night, this time a girls-only party in Kaisaniemi. We had forgotten the whole event but Johanna reminded about it on Friday night, so some rescheduling of plans. After long evaluation of our physical state we decided to go, and it was well worth the experience. What do you expect girls to do when they have a party without men? Well, they get totally wasted, go wild, some end up fighting and others pass out.. Sounds a bit blokey to me? To be honest quite many looked like that too ;-) I was afraid I will get beaten when I walked in all dolled up with my stiletto boots and miniskirt, but the experience was very nice, had many nice chats with girls and ended up dancing a lot.

Live another night

Tuesday night we went to check out again the local trans-support coffee night. Was nice to meet Anne, and have a chat with Johanna. Oh she is a dirty mouthed slut. But nice and funny one.

Whoah. In two weeks+ I was in London TX & Way Out Club, a french maid in fetish party, had the most remarkable night out in supanice'n'crazy company, continued the party with lesbians the night after and then went to cool down in coffee night. I think I put my trashed mop to rest and try to live a normal life for a while. You know, working and paying bills and things like that..

I've been watching this over and over. It makes me smile and think of the past weekend.

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