Saturday, August 26, 2006

Night of the Sistah

Thursday was the annual Helsinki Night of the Arts, and we decided it was time to get some fresh air with Milla. We went shopping together on Tuesday, and ended up buying identical tops and skirts. So it was gonna be Night of the Sistah.

What makes a girl happy?
Happy bunny with a basket of champagne

Venue was the usual dtm, and it was gonna be Les Femmes drag show. The show was fabulous! I'm not a connoisseur of drag shows but I've been in dance show/performance business for last 10+ years and I can tell when I see a good show. Les Femmes is an ultra-famous drag group originating from early '90, many performers ended up all around Europe, some spent couple years performing in L.A. I guess they must be the stunning drag queens Stephanie was refering to in Jo's blog entry.

Again it was a threesome party - me, Milla and Mila dancing, drinking & chatting. Johanna and Asta whom we met at last week's coffee night were also there. We had fabulous talks with some gg girls, I think I fell in love with a very very cute naughty stewardess.. It's funny so many people approach me when I'm dressed, not quite so when I'm out as a boy. The place was sizzling with non-regular people (because of the big party night) and the atmosphere was exceptionally good.

Actually poor Milla was driving, so no drinking for her, and working the very next day - we got to sleep at 5 am...


Anonymous said...

Other parts of the town were not nearly as interesting. The only arts we came across were some rather lame fire jugglers and a one of those ‘I’m a statue’ guys. The original plan was to go watch PMMP but I got invited out to meet some fellow students. Fortunately they are a friendly bunch from different corners of the world - just hope they don’t think that what we saw was the best that Hel has to offer.

Valerie S said...

Yes, unfortunately the artistic level has dropped years ago as it grew much much bigger, and nowadays it's more about bars and general going about town and teenager boozing.