Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Coffee and Biscuit

Coffee and Biscuit
This is starting to be a familiar pose ;-) ?

We went with Milla to local trans support centre & TV organization (Transtukipiste & DWC) monthly coffee night. It was more relaxed than I had expected. Something like 6 tvs, one in drab, couple gg partners. No agenda, just talking about whatever while having a coffee and some biscuits. Of course everybody was a lot interested in us, seems like not so often two new youngish tvs appear there fully dressed without prior notice. There are actually dressing room facilities, which can be also used whenever the office is open. Maybe I'll put them into good use some time later..
They were trying to persuade us to come to their annual party (and 10th anniversary as well) in October. I probably would, but very very unfortunately I'll be in London town partying then :-)

Highlight of the night was talking to Johanna, who was trannying publicly before I was born - and still looks good, mind you! She's been the one and only other tv I've spotted occasionally in my lone adventures, she's probably holding the World Record of going out dressed partying: over 30 years! Nice, funny and totally nuts. I also had brief history lesson, got to learn about B.B. who was the tranny pioneer in Finland. That is crazy stuff! I'd like to write some proper story of her later, have to try find more material..

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