Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From Russia with Love

Just had a nice trip to Russia. Should go there more often, more so as I have many very very good friends living/from there. But I wouldn't recommend the country for any trans-person, come to think of it to member of any sexual minority.

Now my respectable 2 months+ holiday is over, and just had overwhelming 3-day working week. I desperately need a holiday. Oh wait, I think there's one coming in two weeks :-)

I did some wrist slapping to Beckie as I thought she started building a Trannynova. I guess she will have her word about it *teehee*.

And oh, Jo's Trannynova post from January is a gem, if blogger supported Flickr style favorites I'd fav it immediately! "like a supernova only with more lace"

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