Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alice in Genderland

Finally had a chance to read Alice Novic's Alice In Genderland.

Wow. Now everyone go read it!

I was impressed. Alice, or actually her male alter ego Richard Novic, is a psychiatrist by profession, so she can have some pretty good insights into the motives and thought processes of a crossdresser. The book is a memoir so it documents the process from early stages to a full blown bi crossdresser through a lot of experimentation and self-discovery on the way. The honesty and openness she shares about her life is respectable.

There was very much I could relate to, and I have to admit she made me thinking forward a lot, where does my path lead. Nobody knows, but if I don't try to find what I find important and good in life, I won't either.

And I'm a complete idiot. We met at Sparkle over a dinner table and had some small talk. It was only my second night out so I was full of myself, excitement of the party and all my new friends. I had only some vague idea who she is and totally missed an opportunity to have an interesting talk, which I wish to correct in the future.

There's a good interview of her over the book as well at URNA.

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