Monday, October 09, 2006

TX + WoC

Went to London. Got wasted. Had fun.
What else?

This Way

Okay, in post-Sparkle euphoria I was determined to explore the UK scene more, and agreed with Jo to come for Transmission and Way Out Club. Sooner than expected - as usual - it was Friday morning 6 a.m. and I was throwing all kinds of clothes into bags. Or actually shoes to one bag and clothes to another.
Unfortunately I had just finished my holiday in Asian tropics and started working in harsh Nordic autumn, meaning I had caught bad cold and energies were down, but off to London I flew straight from work..
Jo Darling was kind enough to pick me from airport and provide for food and shelter in Kent for Friday night. We had a peaceful evening with a 15 y.o. Scot, just preparing for Saturday.

Saturday we drove to Barbican hotel meeting Becky and Jane with whom we were staying. We went downtown shopping: I wanted to check out Honour, a fetish clothing shop and Becky needed some makeup from Charles Fox. How do you spot a tranny in tube? He's the one with pink rubber corset suspenders hanging out from his unidentifiable plastic bag. Shave etc in hotel with Mr. Bacardi - one shouldn't drink before preparing, but I haven't found my limit yet so I keep researching. Half a litre seems to be within limits. Oh and I still hate painting nails. Thank God it's autumn and dark at night..

Leaving hotel we waited for a cab with pirates' hen night party. I speculated joining them instead of the tranny program, but it was clearly a non-starter. I did get some candies from the girls though.

Evening started with a dinner at Carluccio's. We were joined by Clarissa, while Connie and Tracy had to cancel their night out. We were not alone at the place, at least Laura Handbag and Fiona were there too. Food was good, wine tasty and company perfect. Waiter was funny, making an emphasized "ladies..." every time he came to us.


I had decided to have a three-costume evening, and was carrying a well-sized sports bag as my hand luggage. Finishing the dinner we entered Transmission and I stormed into ladies' to change my business dress into more clubby outfit. I managed to un-identify Miss Rachel Anderson there. I was expecting some latex catsuit but she was wearing a Sonny Crocket suit.. Took me a while to realize, but then she was at least equally shocked to find out I'm not a UK girl. Speechless, almost.
Well then, the vodka red bull marathon started. Walking around the three floors of Transmission, dancing, mingling, chatting. Was nice to meet Kat and Rebekah who were heading for Rubber Ball later that night. April Angel was all over the place taking pictures, and gave me her business card umpteenth time. That's a routine I always perform upon meeting her. Oh and I remember meeting Yoko, a girl from Japan, and brushing the few Japanese sentences I still remember..

Becky, moi et Jo at Way Out Club. Photo by Jane

After midnight we changed place to Way Out Club (and I changed clothes the second time). Becky and Jo had forewarned me it's a seedy place they every time swear not to go again. I prepared for action buying a mini whip from Honour, determined to keep admirers at arm's length. Clarissa gave us a lift and headed home. Entering the place is funny, circular stairs go on and on down in a bright blue corridor. At that stage I was more than merry-go-happy and rest of the night was err... party routine. Yes there was some action in toilets (not me, mind you!), I got some admirer attention but it was perfectly ok, no need to whip anybody. Quite little actually, or then I was too wasted to notice it. I found the place more like an interesting zoo of all the species surrounding translife, not so much a seedy meat market. I did perform lap dancing to Jane and Becky on the table (hopely there will be no pictures). I did run into dance floor every time there was something I like. Finally I was too exhausted and pled Jo to take me home. Was nice to meet Tidy TTT and Hanna Violane. Sorry everybody I have forgotten or that my seriously narrowed field of vision didn't spot on Sat.

I got my punishment, all 10 hours of it, the next day. Considering only the amount of red bull I had on side: Don't do that, it's bad for your health. I must have been the most miserable person waiting for check-in to open at Heathrow. I was impressed to see police carrying automatic riffles, and did you know now you have to remove your shoes for scanning in security check? Next year, naked?

All in all fab weekend, extremely nice to see Jo, Becky and Jane again. And many other old and new friends. Pity I was a bit down with the cold and was fighting it with strong medicine.


Joanna said...

Forgot to mention they make you take your shoes off now. Hope you didnt still have nail polish on your toes!

Was a top weekend,was great to see you.

Valerie S said...

Hope you didnt still have nail polish on your toes!

I did, but I was far too concentrated in my overal well-being to care at all.

Anonymous said...

You are safe there are no photos of the table dancing!

Glad to see that you got home safely, looking forward to the next time too!