Sunday, January 21, 2007


Exactly one year ago I went out dressed first time. Yesterday was the anniversary party.


This time Milla came to my place to prepare. Arrived in Dtm at midnight and darn, no queue even at that time. When can we put our VIP cards into good use?

Check the pictures if you're interested in essentials of the night.. You know what? A lot in one year. If earlier I wouldn't have imagined I would be some day doing the things we do with Milla, now I feel I wouldn't have believed any tranny doing these things. Well, Karol Cross and April Angell, maybe ;-). I feel like Alice in Wonderland. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

While Milla was in illegal state I drove back and we had a movie incident on the motorway. All night had been a snowstorm and roads were extremely icy. Some Volvo driver decided to race us and sped up from 120km/h forward.. His car started swerving from side to side, spun several times on the motorway, slid sideways to ditch and neighbouring road and finally stopped with spinning. I anticipated his lose of control immediately, started braking, put hazards on and was ready to call 911 (well, 112 here) and run for Tranny First Aid in my high heel boots. But woah! What a lucky bastard. He didn't hit anything, didn't roll, and looks like nobody was hurt. The driver waved us that everything was ok and we continued back home. Wonder how his car managed it, though.

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Joanna said...

Happy Anniversary... been quite a year eh?

Transpocalypse next weekend, then onwards to Sparkle!