Sunday, November 05, 2006

Les Nuits Fauves

Time for reportage. Getting rid of the old headache, starting new with a bottle of red. Went last night to SMFR's fetish Halloween party in Kaisaniemi. I helped Milla with a tartan mini and cutie socks to create two almost identical schoolgirls. The party was quite nice, this time in proper restaurant so first of all there was a dj and music, and a bar. Two essential ingredients for a successfull night out. Mixed selection of people (good!) - half usual black pvc/leather fetish costumes, but also many Halloween style special costumes. Our schoolgirl effort was good, and we found an ultra cute girl who was going to the same school! Unbelievable!

So much homework!

Johanna was there (of course, what would stop her?) and introduced the legendary B.B. to me. Now B.B. is something I want to write properly later, but put briefly, she is the mother of all Finnish trannies, a boxing (and chess!) champion from already the 60's who went to army in mini and thigh high boots when it was illegal to pose as opposite sex and transvestites were either put to jail or mental hospitals. Actually I had met her briefly in toilet queue a moment earlier, but didn't know who she was. She was wearing a nazi officer costume. Yikes! Me the schoolgirl was a little afraid of her so I just mentioned things about bratwurst and lederhosen, the only German words I know..

But such is life, it all felt a bit too stable so I persuaded Milla to change place to DTM bar. Finland has it's own peculiarity, all popular bars just so have to have a queue in front of them. So we ended up queueing to dtm something like half an hour. In schoolgirl minis, in -10 oC.. But okay it was worth it, had lots of fun, made show, got to know new people. Looks like the bartenders remember us already. Is it good or bad?

I don't know if my subconscious mind is working, but Cyril Collard's Les Nuits Fauves has been going on my mind. Long ago it was one of my favourite movies. Don't get me wrong, my life is not quite that crazy, but somehow I cannot help thinking about it.

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Joanna said...

The three of you look fantastic. Sounds like a great night!