Friday, November 17, 2006

Miss Drag Queen 2007

So we went to see Miss Drag Queen 2007 competition in DTM with Milla. We had even invested in advance tickets. Problem was, it was a Wednesday night, middle of a hectic working week.. And as I'm unable to keep off VRB, it would be a rather hard working morning the morning after - but who cares, when there's a party?!?

Let's go!

We missed the deadline for pre-ticket entrance, but proudly overtook the respectable queue and what happened? The doorman showed us the VIP door, "but ok, if you want you can go there (normal entrance)"... Ooooh. Man, I feel like a VIP girl. Now I'm just waiting for the VIP card!

But so there was a competition with 11 contestants. It was the first time I saw a DQ comp, and I have to admit I was a bit surprised it wasn't very high level. Winner, NicoLa was definitely the most energetic performer, but many were not so special. When the comp started I was definitely feeling I should be on the stage... Watch for 2008..

Then it was party time and being a tranny in LGBT disco looked like paying off again: we ended up having a major dance party with some chinese girls, this time. And others. And I was told I was The Choice of the Audience - beating all the contestants on stage. Now that's a compliment!

After couple of hours sleep Thursday morning was not very glorious.. Now I have two problems: what to wear tomorrow for DTM party, and should I go as Dana International to a big Eurovision party with my long-time friends who have no idea I'm a tranny. Now that's a challenge.

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