Saturday, November 25, 2006

Show must go on

Funny, today I was performing in same private party as Miss Divet. As a boy, you fools! Saw Divet's Drag Queen show just few weeks ago at dtm, and tonight she rocked the house. Judging from the screams audible to dressing room at least..

Tomorrow (or actually today) I have a theme party I toyed about going as Dana International. Maybe throwing a drag-queenesque show, even. That would have equaled as going out. I feel little bit disappointed, but as many things currently suck, I just don't have the energy to consider how it would en up, let alone how to do it.

Right now: Dana International/Diva (dance mix)
I cannot understand how I missed Dana when she was on peak of her popularity. I wonder where she is now?

Oh and I have a new fabulous toy! I'll post a picture when I get a new battery to my frickin' dead laptop.

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