Saturday, December 16, 2006

Eurovision Countdown

Did you know Eurovision 2007 tickets went on sale this Monday? Thanks to Mr. Lordi, in Finland. Were you queueing? W00t? Anyway, any tranny coming, I will provide for food and shelter. Guaranteed.

Very rarely I have a feeling that I have totally missed something, but today Husky Rescue beat me. First of all, anybody coming to Finland (like Eurovision next April or May(whatever!)), check their Nightless Night as a primer. Sorry, you have to be Finnish to understand all the layers of irony contained. Besides, the video could be shot in my my backyard garden party. If I had any. Sounds included. So welcome.

Anyway, Finnish music is a lot more than Lordi and I'm happy to promote some. The original reason was seeing their "City Lights" which is a Valerie song, unfortunately not online that I know. But then their New Light of Tomorrow kicks me in the belly.

I'm sorry I'm getting more and more Fairly Odd. Last week I destroyed my 5 years' stock of vodka, red wine and champagne. Although I'm not everyday stereotypical Finn, I am when it comes to the basics. I feel like home drinking vodka and getting ubermelancholic watching/listening to sad songs that sync with my mental state.

It's not yet the time to draw conclusions about 2006, but it's been a rollercoaster. I am sure 2007 will be better.

If you take the effort to read my blog, go watch the videos. At least you will not find them anywhere else. And they are essential if you want the Total Valerie Experience (tm). Don't know why, but I'm communicating best through music and visual media. Well if a picture is worth 1.000 words a video is at least worth 24.000 words a second. And then the sound, 96.000 words a second more? Don't know if anyone's understanding though...

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Joanna said...

Nice songs there. I'll have to check out Husky Rescue on iTunes