Saturday, December 30, 2006

Valerie Awards 2006

It's time to draw conclusions about 2006.

It has been an overwhelming year for me. In January I started going out, ending up being the party tranny for the latter half of the year. With a VIP card to nation's #1 LGBT night club. I was nervous, unsure of what I'm doing and 2006 made me a confident girl loved by all. Internationally. (Okay there was this one drunk Finnish girl who didn't like my hair). Internet, namely flickr and blogs are marvelous things. Big hug to all friends and contacts in the net who've been giving positive feedback all year. Biting the bullet and going to Sparkle in June was one of the best things ever happened to me. I have to thank two UK trannies, Jo and Becky for the instant acceptance and respect we've had. Your friendship has been one of my most valuable assets. Also originally the year before, finding Becky's blog and the rest of UK scene from there, was the trigger to drive me out and experiment with real looks. To know that trannying can be fun.

Workwise I shouldn't complain. I have total freedom being my own boss, clients tell me I'm irreplaceable and I'm asked to work around Europe. And still. I have this itching I've been working on my field enough. It's pretty boring. Any open positions for a tranny party-a-gogo?

Unfortunately on personal front the year was a rollercoaster ending with a crash and burn. Had to get that off my chest with the previous post. It can be a pain for my loved ones but I'm a wild animal, getting anxious and frustrated feeling caged. 2007 will have a definite positive edge. For me, any change is better than nothing happening at all.

But where was I? Oh yeah, the..

Valerie Awards 2006

Best Tranny Event: Sparkle, Manchester UK
Best Tranny City: Manchester, UK
Best Tranny Organisation: UK Angels
Best Tranny Blog: Becky's Web
Best Tranny Publication: Alice Novic: Alice In Genderland
Best Tranny Bar: DTM, Helsinki
Best Drag Queen Show: Les Femmes, Finland
Best Tranny Clothes Supplier: H&M
Best Tranny Foundation: Joe Blasco
Best Tranny Mascara: L'Oreal Volume Shocking
Best Tranny Drink: Vodka Red Bull

Hello Kitty

Have an energetic 2007!!!!!!!

Primal Scream: Country Girl

I will.


Anonymous said...

Oops I forgot to thank you for my award!

Thank you. :-)

Joanna said...

hmm.. call that an acceptance speech???