Thursday, December 28, 2006

Interrupt in Standard Programming

My memories of UK are my sister studied there, as a teenager I came to see her BA graduation and bought my first own computer from Selfridge's. Then nothing, I was traveling all around the world but not UK.
Mostly because of trannying during the last year I've been there four times. Seems like next year I'll be there at least the same. Last time I was working there for a week, with so called normal people as colleagues and clients.

Stop moaning. Your country is cool. It's multicultural and accepting. Maybe even unique when it comes to trannying. Good mid-way when it comes between Nordic (overtaxed) wellfare societies and no-social-security DIY countries. You have frickin good standard of living, if you study and work hard enough. Same job here you drive a beamer there a Porsche. Good midway between cold and hot climates. (Ok maybe you're not prepared to either extreme but who prohibited you from preparing?) Virtually everybody speaks your native language. We have to study two foreign to get started. You have active part in the world and take positions in world affairs. Your press is the highest ranked (and I don't mean the yeallow press!). And you have Richard Attenborough. And Dr. Who. And 007.

And you have the coolest club culture. I realized it last time I was in Manchester. All they were playing were frickin Brit dance/club hits, and it was uninterrupted fun.

Just why do you think reindeers can fly so Santa can come on your roofs? And how would he fit your chimneys? And why would he put pressies into socks? SOCKS? On Christmas Day? He comes from the door and gives them personally, on Chirstmas Eve. Get real.
Otherwise, I love UK. Well ok the two taps freak me out. And the strange electric plug.

As an officer, I can understand reasons for driving on the left side. Although they have been outdated for 100 years.

It was no joke I said after Sparkle I'm looking for a job in UK. Just have to get rid of my accent. Will work for food (and clothes from H&M). And the Porsche.

PS: I registered valerie_s_ts@no.spam. It's a joke alright after a long chat with Milla and Mr. Smirnoff (specially long and personal!), but still... Should I start worrying?

Tiesto: Dance 4 Life

Actually, in name of cultural exchange I give you Redrama: Street Music. Finnish hip hop from Helsinki, the city I live in.


Anonymous said...

Part of the problem with the UK is that we invented so many elements of modern civilization we refuse to admit anyone could improve on it. :-)

Two taps worked when we invented the concept of hot and cold running water, so we stuck with it.

Joanna said...

I think it's also a case of you always look elsewhere and the grass looks greener. You forget the positives about where you live, and focus on the negatives....

Valerie S said...

Heh, this wasn't targeted at any tranny, merely it seems ordinary Brits do seem like to moan about the state of things. Traffic being the favourite subject ;-)

And then you're fabulous in inventing all sorts of brilliant ball games where you can lose to others.

Naturally true Jo. Would be best to live all around to get the perspective.

Joanna said...

And then you're fabulous in inventing all sorts of brilliant ball games where you can lose to others.

Yeah, we're world champions at that.