Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yesterday was party time at dtm. Doubly so, SMFR Finnish Independence Day (6.12.) fetish preparty upstairs and Jarkko & Osku Showhat drag show on main stage.

Many have said Jarkko & Osku are the best drag queens in Finland, having even performed in the presidential Independence day festivities in the palace, so I was looking forward to it. And was disappointed. The show is ok, but for several reasons didn't spark me. Main reason is it is done for mainstream audience. The characters they portray are always exaggarated, put too much humour into, and partly even ridiculed. Ridiculing feminitity is one field of doing drag, but it's not into my taste. This way the Joe Normal can laugh at the show without having second thoughts is it okay to have fun watching men in womens' clothing. They don't put the full effort into really portraying the characters. The show is too long and repetitive. The ninth standard playback performance of a random female popstar doesn't really give much added value. They had some nice features like "Miss Intelligence", four Paris Hiltons on stage and then Pink coming to perform the Stupid Girl. The overall theme was Eurovision, so Lordi was featured as well, but it was mainly a joke too long.. They have been giving the show at cruise ships and casino dinners, so it is meant to be enjoyed while drinking, chatting and eating with friends at the table. Doesn't work in a packed nightclub with standing crowd. Sorry Jarkko & Osku, but I wasn't impressed. Les Femmes stays #1.

So the actual party? The SMFR party upstairs was better than usual, maybe my grown self-confidence and the fact some people start to remember us helps too. Had some nice and funny chats, a lovely female domme (who's into trannies) was shocked to find I wasn't obedient at all. But what can you do when you own more whips and walk higher heels than she? To compensate I donated Milla for some spanking. And they were enjoying it all...

Mostly weird (very normal youngsters) audience on main floor, looked like a elementary school class trip. Normal audience usually equals less exciting party, because they quite don't know how to relate to trannies when they have their first encounter of their lives. At the end of the night I hooked up with an ...interesting bunch. Some Finnish girls, Asian guys and a ladyboy from.. I thought Brazil and talked my brasileiro with her, but was obviously too wasted because I didn't first realize she was Thai. Well then I talked Thai with her. (No it's not a joke). But Thais don't have curly braided hair so she was actually trying to pose as Brazilian, quite usual manouver for Thai (ladyboys) abroad. Had invitation for some crazy continuation party, but as I realized they were a bit too much into drugs I decided otherwise. And my take-me-home service Milla agreed strongly.

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