Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Only after opening the door to my room I realized how much I'd experienced. Valerie wouldn't exist without Sparkle. Manchester. The Place. Jo Becky Jane Fiona Canal Street Jessica Sophie Vicky Bella Dr Who Veuve Clicquot Tesco Express Debenhams Alice Kim April Leah Laura Siobhan VIP hot baths Lamb's navy rum UK dance classics. Pink lingerie. Lesbian bar. AXM The View Coyote. Vodka Red Bull was invented here. And all the rest who went unmentioned.

I'm an UK Angel. Forever. Because.

Now what can I do for Sparkle 2007?

I overheard being described as "very cute" by a girl client on the phone. I was asked how come I speak so fluently (I don't!) so I guess I'm doing ok. Guy from Poland asked when I'm giving the advanced course in UK, he wants to sign up. Now wish I have more gigs to UK.


Joanna said...

More gigs over here in the UK would be great.

Preferably in a week that wasn't so damn christmassy so I could get up there too :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm lazy. Manchester is too far! Get gigs in King's Lynn!

(My end of the street, please.) ;-)

Valerie S said...

I come from the edge of the world and my friends are too lazy to bother... This continuing, I'll be joining Northern Concord! grrr...