Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finnishing the year

Had my New Year party with Milla yesterday. Need I say I got seriously wasted?

Highlights of the night: I almost got into a girlie rock band! The band girl was all for it but manager girl wasn't so it didn't happen. Had I had my Hello Kitty photo with me things could be different. The manager complimented on Milla's "librarian looks" which Milla wasn't too happy about. But it must have been a compliment as she looked like a librarian from the 50's herself. Oh and then there was this Betty Page looking supacute girl too. Again i tried to buy drinks for the bartenders. Again I was completely sure I've lost my handbag only to find it from somewhere. After the party we went to eat kebab in the crowded neighborhood restaurant, and nobody blinked at us. Today I found out I had been given wrong jacket on leaving. I don't know how that poor girl spent her night but I had her iPod, camera and home keys for sure. Sorry.

Bye 2006

But the girl band. I'll have that as my goal for 2007.

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