Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alice in Genderland

Finally had a chance to read Alice Novic's Alice In Genderland.

Wow. Now everyone go read it!

I was impressed. Alice, or actually her male alter ego Richard Novic, is a psychiatrist by profession, so she can have some pretty good insights into the motives and thought processes of a crossdresser. The book is a memoir so it documents the process from early stages to a full blown bi crossdresser through a lot of experimentation and self-discovery on the way. The honesty and openness she shares about her life is respectable.

There was very much I could relate to, and I have to admit she made me thinking forward a lot, where does my path lead. Nobody knows, but if I don't try to find what I find important and good in life, I won't either.

And I'm a complete idiot. We met at Sparkle over a dinner table and had some small talk. It was only my second night out so I was full of myself, excitement of the party and all my new friends. I had only some vague idea who she is and totally missed an opportunity to have an interesting talk, which I wish to correct in the future.

There's a good interview of her over the book as well at URNA.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Night of the Sistah

Thursday was the annual Helsinki Night of the Arts, and we decided it was time to get some fresh air with Milla. We went shopping together on Tuesday, and ended up buying identical tops and skirts. So it was gonna be Night of the Sistah.

What makes a girl happy?
Happy bunny with a basket of champagne

Venue was the usual dtm, and it was gonna be Les Femmes drag show. The show was fabulous! I'm not a connoisseur of drag shows but I've been in dance show/performance business for last 10+ years and I can tell when I see a good show. Les Femmes is an ultra-famous drag group originating from early '90, many performers ended up all around Europe, some spent couple years performing in L.A. I guess they must be the stunning drag queens Stephanie was refering to in Jo's blog entry.

Again it was a threesome party - me, Milla and Mila dancing, drinking & chatting. Johanna and Asta whom we met at last week's coffee night were also there. We had fabulous talks with some gg girls, I think I fell in love with a very very cute naughty stewardess.. It's funny so many people approach me when I'm dressed, not quite so when I'm out as a boy. The place was sizzling with non-regular people (because of the big party night) and the atmosphere was exceptionally good.

Actually poor Milla was driving, so no drinking for her, and working the very next day - we got to sleep at 5 am...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From Russia with Love

Just had a nice trip to Russia. Should go there more often, more so as I have many very very good friends living/from there. But I wouldn't recommend the country for any trans-person, come to think of it to member of any sexual minority.

Now my respectable 2 months+ holiday is over, and just had overwhelming 3-day working week. I desperately need a holiday. Oh wait, I think there's one coming in two weeks :-)

I did some wrist slapping to Beckie as I thought she started building a Trannynova. I guess she will have her word about it *teehee*.

And oh, Jo's Trannynova post from January is a gem, if blogger supported Flickr style favorites I'd fav it immediately! "like a supernova only with more lace"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

I might look like super-confident tranny, but it's been less than a year when I started doing proper make up and dressing, and going out just half a year. Supercharged, me?
I have a friend who is now going through some of those very same steps I was a year ago. Instead of trying to explain myself, I'll just let her explain, so ladies and gentlemen, we have a guest appearance...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Coffee and Biscuit

Coffee and Biscuit
This is starting to be a familiar pose ;-) ?

We went with Milla to local trans support centre & TV organization (Transtukipiste & DWC) monthly coffee night. It was more relaxed than I had expected. Something like 6 tvs, one in drab, couple gg partners. No agenda, just talking about whatever while having a coffee and some biscuits. Of course everybody was a lot interested in us, seems like not so often two new youngish tvs appear there fully dressed without prior notice. There are actually dressing room facilities, which can be also used whenever the office is open. Maybe I'll put them into good use some time later..
They were trying to persuade us to come to their annual party (and 10th anniversary as well) in October. I probably would, but very very unfortunately I'll be in London town partying then :-)

Highlight of the night was talking to Johanna, who was trannying publicly before I was born - and still looks good, mind you! She's been the one and only other tv I've spotted occasionally in my lone adventures, she's probably holding the World Record of going out dressed partying: over 30 years! Nice, funny and totally nuts. I also had brief history lesson, got to learn about B.B. who was the tranny pioneer in Finland. That is crazy stuff! I'd like to write some proper story of her later, have to try find more material..

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I love Monty

Inspired by Becky's comment on my weekend activities. Did I get it?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Not another lonely tranny

Went out, got wasted, had fun.

Party girls

All my posts will be like that from now on ;-) Until I mature into the next level of Tranny Age.

So we agreed with Milla to go out and see Miss Drag Queen 2006 Cristal Snow Not Another Drag Show @ Dtm. Very very accidentally I met also Mila, a TS who made my first makeover about a year ago (I promise to write a story later).

On arriving we went to the ladies' to touch up the makeup, and it was funny, this cute little girl doing her makeup looks and says to everybody "Look how the guys have made themself so pretty. It's so unfair, I cannot match!" I just laughed and told her we are just shadows trying to imitate her..

I haven't seen many drag shows so I'm not an expert to evaluate it. Different. Lots of her own stuff, not so much imitation and dress changes. She makes her own music too and in the end performed one, singing herself. Aggressive. Maybe the aggression should be compensated more with occasional softness to have the nuances.


Just before the show a girl came to me and asked "When do you start?" lefting me a standing question mark. "Yeah, when do you start?". "Oh, the show should start any minute. We're just audience!" "Oh, you look so good I thought you are performing." "Well, I can perform to you if you want!"

After the show the same girl approaches and asks something about backstage. Sound was so loud I had to ask several times what she was asking. "Can I go to backstage to thank Cristal for the show?" Well, it's nice people ask me for permission to do things but I'm still audience. "Yeah you can, the staff guard just left the door" I promised her. Maybe she just couldn't get it we were not performers..

The three of us spent the night dancing, chatting and drinking. Got some admirer attention and several gg compliments.

Toward end of the night two men came to chat with us very enthusiasticly, and all of us thought they are an old friend of some other, but no... Appears the other was a famous show business character, out with some his friends. He persuadeed us to go join his company and then proceeded to order a bottle of champagne. We chatted the rest of the night there, also introducing our culture first time to his curious friend who obviously never really met a TV/TS.

Champagne being served

Fab night!