Wednesday, September 19, 2007


While trying to catch up and provide some entertainment, I'll just mention some challenges with my blogging.

1. I'm too busy with my life. How boring, but true.
2. My trannying is more real than virtual. I mostly go out to bars and have fun, and then continue business as usual. It's also that after going a lot out the novelty of reporting wears off.
3. I don't see standard things worth reporting. Not that my idea of standard night out would be boring. And besides, honestly, sometimes I don't remeber what I did.

Take for example, we went with Titania, my love and her brother both Saturday and Sunday out. Sunday got pretty wild even the bar was half deserted. We went to have a pizza afterwards next door. Now I don't remember but I was kindly reminded that I put my knickers (which I took off in the bar already) to pizzeria's palm tree and tried to give the pizza burners my Valerie contact card. I'm not entirely sure if they took it.. (My miniskirt was rather short). I should have a reporter with me who could write funny stories what happens. Volunteers?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back on track

But how long? ;)

Moment of truth

Ok, so this is called Trendy Discotheque. Nothing is worse than an empty disco where nothing happens so lets do something about it.

Couple weeks ago I was working in Tampere and hooked up finally with Timi Cica, a glam girl with some fabulous pictures in flickr. Tampere is TEH Manchester of Finland, 3rd largest industrial city with.. err.. quite not so high-flying atmosphere. There exist two lgbt clubs, namely Pink and old'n'rusty Mixei. I've never been to either of them, or out girly in Tampere.

So we met in my hotel, had some brief chat with sparkling and headed to Pink. Which, despite it's website information, was closed! Whoah! So we headed to Mixei, and entering the place I could imagine why. There were something like 5 middle-aged gays drinking beer. Err... Not maybe time for a major wasted dance show this time? Had fab night anyways chatting with Timi. Nice deviation from my standard girly night out: 1) I wasn't totally wasted 2) I was talking intelligently in good company 3) I didn't have hangover the morning after.

Timi & Val @ Mixei

We agreed we'll try to have some proper party afterwards somewhere, but was nice to meet a new Finnish girl.

I'll try to do this more.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Trick or Truth

Truth #1: I'm a lousy blogger.

Actually that has to do with a larger problem in my life, I haven't got time to do anything properly. Will cut down on activities, promise. More fun, less pain.

What else do you want to know?