Saturday, December 30, 2006

Valerie Awards 2006

It's time to draw conclusions about 2006.

It has been an overwhelming year for me. In January I started going out, ending up being the party tranny for the latter half of the year. With a VIP card to nation's #1 LGBT night club. I was nervous, unsure of what I'm doing and 2006 made me a confident girl loved by all. Internationally. (Okay there was this one drunk Finnish girl who didn't like my hair). Internet, namely flickr and blogs are marvelous things. Big hug to all friends and contacts in the net who've been giving positive feedback all year. Biting the bullet and going to Sparkle in June was one of the best things ever happened to me. I have to thank two UK trannies, Jo and Becky for the instant acceptance and respect we've had. Your friendship has been one of my most valuable assets. Also originally the year before, finding Becky's blog and the rest of UK scene from there, was the trigger to drive me out and experiment with real looks. To know that trannying can be fun.

Workwise I shouldn't complain. I have total freedom being my own boss, clients tell me I'm irreplaceable and I'm asked to work around Europe. And still. I have this itching I've been working on my field enough. It's pretty boring. Any open positions for a tranny party-a-gogo?

Unfortunately on personal front the year was a rollercoaster ending with a crash and burn. Had to get that off my chest with the previous post. It can be a pain for my loved ones but I'm a wild animal, getting anxious and frustrated feeling caged. 2007 will have a definite positive edge. For me, any change is better than nothing happening at all.

But where was I? Oh yeah, the..

Valerie Awards 2006

Best Tranny Event: Sparkle, Manchester UK
Best Tranny City: Manchester, UK
Best Tranny Organisation: UK Angels
Best Tranny Blog: Becky's Web
Best Tranny Publication: Alice Novic: Alice In Genderland
Best Tranny Bar: DTM, Helsinki
Best Drag Queen Show: Les Femmes, Finland
Best Tranny Clothes Supplier: H&M
Best Tranny Foundation: Joe Blasco
Best Tranny Mascara: L'Oreal Volume Shocking
Best Tranny Drink: Vodka Red Bull

Hello Kitty

Have an energetic 2007!!!!!!!

Primal Scream: Country Girl

I will.

Finnishing the year

Had my New Year party with Milla yesterday. Need I say I got seriously wasted?

Highlights of the night: I almost got into a girlie rock band! The band girl was all for it but manager girl wasn't so it didn't happen. Had I had my Hello Kitty photo with me things could be different. The manager complimented on Milla's "librarian looks" which Milla wasn't too happy about. But it must have been a compliment as she looked like a librarian from the 50's herself. Oh and then there was this Betty Page looking supacute girl too. Again i tried to buy drinks for the bartenders. Again I was completely sure I've lost my handbag only to find it from somewhere. After the party we went to eat kebab in the crowded neighborhood restaurant, and nobody blinked at us. Today I found out I had been given wrong jacket on leaving. I don't know how that poor girl spent her night but I had her iPod, camera and home keys for sure. Sorry.

Bye 2006

But the girl band. I'll have that as my goal for 2007.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Interrupt in Standard Programming

My memories of UK are my sister studied there, as a teenager I came to see her BA graduation and bought my first own computer from Selfridge's. Then nothing, I was traveling all around the world but not UK.
Mostly because of trannying during the last year I've been there four times. Seems like next year I'll be there at least the same. Last time I was working there for a week, with so called normal people as colleagues and clients.

Stop moaning. Your country is cool. It's multicultural and accepting. Maybe even unique when it comes to trannying. Good mid-way when it comes between Nordic (overtaxed) wellfare societies and no-social-security DIY countries. You have frickin good standard of living, if you study and work hard enough. Same job here you drive a beamer there a Porsche. Good midway between cold and hot climates. (Ok maybe you're not prepared to either extreme but who prohibited you from preparing?) Virtually everybody speaks your native language. We have to study two foreign to get started. You have active part in the world and take positions in world affairs. Your press is the highest ranked (and I don't mean the yeallow press!). And you have Richard Attenborough. And Dr. Who. And 007.

And you have the coolest club culture. I realized it last time I was in Manchester. All they were playing were frickin Brit dance/club hits, and it was uninterrupted fun.

Just why do you think reindeers can fly so Santa can come on your roofs? And how would he fit your chimneys? And why would he put pressies into socks? SOCKS? On Christmas Day? He comes from the door and gives them personally, on Chirstmas Eve. Get real.
Otherwise, I love UK. Well ok the two taps freak me out. And the strange electric plug.

As an officer, I can understand reasons for driving on the left side. Although they have been outdated for 100 years.

It was no joke I said after Sparkle I'm looking for a job in UK. Just have to get rid of my accent. Will work for food (and clothes from H&M). And the Porsche.

PS: I registered valerie_s_ts@no.spam. It's a joke alright after a long chat with Milla and Mr. Smirnoff (specially long and personal!), but still... Should I start worrying?

Tiesto: Dance 4 Life

Actually, in name of cultural exchange I give you Redrama: Street Music. Finnish hip hop from Helsinki, the city I live in.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Have a Cheeky Christmas Night!

So I was asked to come work in Manchester for the week before Christmas. Couldn't resist as it would mean full access to the Village bars on company expenses.

For Wednesday I had checked the local tranny society Northern Concord were having their weekly meeting. Good starting for the night, maybe able to find some new party friends. They were very warm and welcoming - and immediately trying to recruit me. Sorry, it was only my second time in Manchester ever, so maybe not realistic :-) Night was a little quiet as just the week before they had their great Christmas ball. Anyway I was able to hook up with a bunch of girls who were going for dancing later on. First and foremost Marolyn and June (who was actually fom London), two fun and good looking girls. Changed places to Napoleon's which we missed with Jo in the last Sparkle due to overwhelming queue. Naps seems to be the #1 place for trannies in the village. The atmosphere was a bit like Way Out Club, if you ask me. After an hour or two of drinks and dancing we went with June to Cruz 101, a gay club popular with students to dance the night off. The party was getting hotter all the time but Cinderella had a working day so I had to escape back to hotel and managed to get 3 hours of sleep. Needless to say I was a total zombie at work.


Friday night was reserved for partying, but unfortunately all the trannies seemed like staying home for Christmas. Not me! So I headed to Canal Street and AXM bar. Plan was to later try out the lesbian bars Coyotes and Vanilla. AXM was clearly just a starter for the night, and worse, no trannies around. After couple of drinks I all of a sudden had company and continued with part of the plan, the rest totally unplanned. And err... err... Ended up walking out of some hotel 6 am to get home, pack and take a taxi to airport. Oh a zombie day again! Had no problems sleeping in the plane whatsoever.

To celebrate the second coming of Cheeky Girls I'll link to
Cheeky Girls: Have a Cheeky Christmas. Also because lately I've been called several times a cheeky girl. Must be because of the accent?!? ;-) - Cheeky Cheeky!

Have a Cheeky Christmas Night all!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I have a party in my house: Viisi Millaa, viisi sataa

Dana: Cinque Milla. I'd be ready to change places any day. If you'd ask me to make a show today, it would be this one.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Only after opening the door to my room I realized how much I'd experienced. Valerie wouldn't exist without Sparkle. Manchester. The Place. Jo Becky Jane Fiona Canal Street Jessica Sophie Vicky Bella Dr Who Veuve Clicquot Tesco Express Debenhams Alice Kim April Leah Laura Siobhan VIP hot baths Lamb's navy rum UK dance classics. Pink lingerie. Lesbian bar. AXM The View Coyote. Vodka Red Bull was invented here. And all the rest who went unmentioned.

I'm an UK Angel. Forever. Because.

Now what can I do for Sparkle 2007?

I overheard being described as "very cute" by a girl client on the phone. I was asked how come I speak so fluently (I don't!) so I guess I'm doing ok. Guy from Poland asked when I'm giving the advanced course in UK, he wants to sign up. Now wish I have more gigs to UK.


Valerie is on pilgrimage to her birthplace. I desperately have to find a plug adapter to report you back. Battery is finishing. Life is good. Codeword: Taps with two handles. Lesbian bars. Lamb's Navy Rum.

Feels like home

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Eurovision Countdown

Did you know Eurovision 2007 tickets went on sale this Monday? Thanks to Mr. Lordi, in Finland. Were you queueing? W00t? Anyway, any tranny coming, I will provide for food and shelter. Guaranteed.

Very rarely I have a feeling that I have totally missed something, but today Husky Rescue beat me. First of all, anybody coming to Finland (like Eurovision next April or May(whatever!)), check their Nightless Night as a primer. Sorry, you have to be Finnish to understand all the layers of irony contained. Besides, the video could be shot in my my backyard garden party. If I had any. Sounds included. So welcome.

Anyway, Finnish music is a lot more than Lordi and I'm happy to promote some. The original reason was seeing their "City Lights" which is a Valerie song, unfortunately not online that I know. But then their New Light of Tomorrow kicks me in the belly.

I'm sorry I'm getting more and more Fairly Odd. Last week I destroyed my 5 years' stock of vodka, red wine and champagne. Although I'm not everyday stereotypical Finn, I am when it comes to the basics. I feel like home drinking vodka and getting ubermelancholic watching/listening to sad songs that sync with my mental state.

It's not yet the time to draw conclusions about 2006, but it's been a rollercoaster. I am sure 2007 will be better.

If you take the effort to read my blog, go watch the videos. At least you will not find them anywhere else. And they are essential if you want the Total Valerie Experience (tm). Don't know why, but I'm communicating best through music and visual media. Well if a picture is worth 1.000 words a video is at least worth 24.000 words a second. And then the sound, 96.000 words a second more? Don't know if anyone's understanding though...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Manchester revisited

Yay! I'll be in Manchester working for the week before Christmas. Fancy a party, anyone? Any information on possible entertainment appreciated!

The Zutons: Valerie

Thanks Joanna for sending me the link ages ago..

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Keeping the faith

Keeping the faith

Tai Oratai - Kau Jai Gun Now

Later, some psychiatrist will see a consistent pattern in my posts...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This will be my most personal post. Ever.
Depeche Mode: Halo
It's all in the lyrics.


Yesterday was party time at dtm. Doubly so, SMFR Finnish Independence Day (6.12.) fetish preparty upstairs and Jarkko & Osku Showhat drag show on main stage.

Many have said Jarkko & Osku are the best drag queens in Finland, having even performed in the presidential Independence day festivities in the palace, so I was looking forward to it. And was disappointed. The show is ok, but for several reasons didn't spark me. Main reason is it is done for mainstream audience. The characters they portray are always exaggarated, put too much humour into, and partly even ridiculed. Ridiculing feminitity is one field of doing drag, but it's not into my taste. This way the Joe Normal can laugh at the show without having second thoughts is it okay to have fun watching men in womens' clothing. They don't put the full effort into really portraying the characters. The show is too long and repetitive. The ninth standard playback performance of a random female popstar doesn't really give much added value. They had some nice features like "Miss Intelligence", four Paris Hiltons on stage and then Pink coming to perform the Stupid Girl. The overall theme was Eurovision, so Lordi was featured as well, but it was mainly a joke too long.. They have been giving the show at cruise ships and casino dinners, so it is meant to be enjoyed while drinking, chatting and eating with friends at the table. Doesn't work in a packed nightclub with standing crowd. Sorry Jarkko & Osku, but I wasn't impressed. Les Femmes stays #1.

So the actual party? The SMFR party upstairs was better than usual, maybe my grown self-confidence and the fact some people start to remember us helps too. Had some nice and funny chats, a lovely female domme (who's into trannies) was shocked to find I wasn't obedient at all. But what can you do when you own more whips and walk higher heels than she? To compensate I donated Milla for some spanking. And they were enjoying it all...

Mostly weird (very normal youngsters) audience on main floor, looked like a elementary school class trip. Normal audience usually equals less exciting party, because they quite don't know how to relate to trannies when they have their first encounter of their lives. At the end of the night I hooked up with an ...interesting bunch. Some Finnish girls, Asian guys and a ladyboy from.. I thought Brazil and talked my brasileiro with her, but was obviously too wasted because I didn't first realize she was Thai. Well then I talked Thai with her. (No it's not a joke). But Thais don't have curly braided hair so she was actually trying to pose as Brazilian, quite usual manouver for Thai (ladyboys) abroad. Had invitation for some crazy continuation party, but as I realized they were a bit too much into drugs I decided otherwise. And my take-me-home service Milla agreed strongly.

Sexy Back

Playing: Justin: Sexy Back

Monday, November 27, 2006

Something new

Saturday was surreal, almost. I went with Milla to dtm as a boy. I didn't plan to go out but was in town, called Milla and things lead to another.. Milla told she felt like she was on a date or something. Well for me it was actually quite normal, except this time I could really dance some show-off.

That's my baby. I don't have to only listen to Dana from youtube, now I can play too. If you don't behave I'll sing. At your place.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Show must go on

Funny, today I was performing in same private party as Miss Divet. As a boy, you fools! Saw Divet's Drag Queen show just few weeks ago at dtm, and tonight she rocked the house. Judging from the screams audible to dressing room at least..

Tomorrow (or actually today) I have a theme party I toyed about going as Dana International. Maybe throwing a drag-queenesque show, even. That would have equaled as going out. I feel little bit disappointed, but as many things currently suck, I just don't have the energy to consider how it would en up, let alone how to do it.

Right now: Dana International/Diva (dance mix)
I cannot understand how I missed Dana when she was on peak of her popularity. I wonder where she is now?

Oh and I have a new fabulous toy! I'll post a picture when I get a new battery to my frickin' dead laptop.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Get drunk and write something deep

Becky just gave me homework: "Get drunk and write something deep". Well I'm wasted already (God somebody has to correct all these typing mistakes). Don't worry, I have a week off, I've been working hard for some time already, so I do have the right to be on holiday, both body and mind..

The comment came because I told her sometimes I'd like to share something deep. You know, I'm only telling "Went out, got wasted, had fun". With some pictures, it's fun, but sooner or later the joke wears out. Now the problem is, Finland is a small country. I'm not publicly out. I'm not afraid to get outed per se but I have public roles I prefer to keep separate from my tranny side. So I'm really carefull not to tell anything too personal where people could connect me too easily. Lot of people know me, but then I think actually they wouldn't care too much. They're actually quite cool bunch. Maybe I'm just worried too much. Maybe I should do something? Problem is I don't know of anybody in Finland who went public, and what happened. Well I've been giving my real name and phone number away to nice girls, so it's not a total secret either.

Now where was I?

Something deep. Is something personal as good? I'm out trannying and partying because I need happiness in my life. First of all, I used to have a good bunch of friends with whom we had incredible fun. Then everybody got 30, a wife and children. And suddenly nobody of them was doing anything anymore. I just can't understand how they turned so boring. Secretly I believe they will break out of their life routine when they're 50, but all the while I'm just quiet, smiling and accepting the once-a-year dinner invitation. Well first I wasn't quiet, and lost one good friendship. Then I learned.

Now secondly I'm vaguely in a similar situation. And I'm not totally enjoying it. Getting dressed, going out as Valerie - somebody totally different, is a liberating total break from the life routine that becomes too heavy sometimes. I can be without any background, any inhibitions, any worries. Just me, having fun. Getting wasted is a catalyst. I might earn VIP cards, but I know this is something that can't last. Maybe.

But in the mean time, Valerie loves everybody and everybody loves Valerie, and life is just incredible unbeatable unimaginable fun.

With famous words: Enjoy this post, I might delete will edit it tomorrow morning.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meet Miss Bitch

My tits they have names. Last night two girls I was talking with named the left one Mitch and the right one Bitch. I know because this morning I found a 50e note where they had written it as a reminder, and Milla kindly explained what on earth it was about. Other than that, I'm afraid you have to ask Milla what happened when we went to Trans-Helsinki party at DTM yesterday. I was seriously wasted. Hello to everybody who had fun with me, apologies to everybody who didn't, even though I tried hard. I'll never drink again. Or at least I'll never fall in stairs again.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Miss Drag Queen 2007

So we went to see Miss Drag Queen 2007 competition in DTM with Milla. We had even invested in advance tickets. Problem was, it was a Wednesday night, middle of a hectic working week.. And as I'm unable to keep off VRB, it would be a rather hard working morning the morning after - but who cares, when there's a party?!?

Let's go!

We missed the deadline for pre-ticket entrance, but proudly overtook the respectable queue and what happened? The doorman showed us the VIP door, "but ok, if you want you can go there (normal entrance)"... Ooooh. Man, I feel like a VIP girl. Now I'm just waiting for the VIP card!

But so there was a competition with 11 contestants. It was the first time I saw a DQ comp, and I have to admit I was a bit surprised it wasn't very high level. Winner, NicoLa was definitely the most energetic performer, but many were not so special. When the comp started I was definitely feeling I should be on the stage... Watch for 2008..

Then it was party time and being a tranny in LGBT disco looked like paying off again: we ended up having a major dance party with some chinese girls, this time. And others. And I was told I was The Choice of the Audience - beating all the contestants on stage. Now that's a compliment!

After couple of hours sleep Thursday morning was not very glorious.. Now I have two problems: what to wear tomorrow for DTM party, and should I go as Dana International to a big Eurovision party with my long-time friends who have no idea I'm a tranny. Now that's a challenge.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Les Nuits Fauves

Time for reportage. Getting rid of the old headache, starting new with a bottle of red. Went last night to SMFR's fetish Halloween party in Kaisaniemi. I helped Milla with a tartan mini and cutie socks to create two almost identical schoolgirls. The party was quite nice, this time in proper restaurant so first of all there was a dj and music, and a bar. Two essential ingredients for a successfull night out. Mixed selection of people (good!) - half usual black pvc/leather fetish costumes, but also many Halloween style special costumes. Our schoolgirl effort was good, and we found an ultra cute girl who was going to the same school! Unbelievable!

So much homework!

Johanna was there (of course, what would stop her?) and introduced the legendary B.B. to me. Now B.B. is something I want to write properly later, but put briefly, she is the mother of all Finnish trannies, a boxing (and chess!) champion from already the 60's who went to army in mini and thigh high boots when it was illegal to pose as opposite sex and transvestites were either put to jail or mental hospitals. Actually I had met her briefly in toilet queue a moment earlier, but didn't know who she was. She was wearing a nazi officer costume. Yikes! Me the schoolgirl was a little afraid of her so I just mentioned things about bratwurst and lederhosen, the only German words I know..

But such is life, it all felt a bit too stable so I persuaded Milla to change place to DTM bar. Finland has it's own peculiarity, all popular bars just so have to have a queue in front of them. So we ended up queueing to dtm something like half an hour. In schoolgirl minis, in -10 oC.. But okay it was worth it, had lots of fun, made show, got to know new people. Looks like the bartenders remember us already. Is it good or bad?

I don't know if my subconscious mind is working, but Cyril Collard's Les Nuits Fauves has been going on my mind. Long ago it was one of my favourite movies. Don't get me wrong, my life is not quite that crazy, but somehow I cannot help thinking about it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wish I was there

It's +-0 and all kind of trash is coming in from all directions.
I hate November. God I wish I was back there.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Espresso, champagne, vodka rb, and my other addictions

Err.. Do I owe an explanation? I'll try one now that I've grounded.

Miss Divet

We went out with Milla on Friday to DTM, our place of choice. I felt like a party girl and wore appropriate clothes. After last weekend's french maid success I felt happy and ready to kick ass. Also, Milla was driving so I had both hands free to indulge in happiness. Well, nobody ended driving actually. There was Miss Divet Drag show including some dancers. Show was nice, though not nearly as energetic as the Les Femmes earlier. Not so crowded night, but we ended up having the time of our lives in excellent company.

Ended up sleeping 3 hours before putting slap on again for Saturday night, this time a girls-only party in Kaisaniemi. We had forgotten the whole event but Johanna reminded about it on Friday night, so some rescheduling of plans. After long evaluation of our physical state we decided to go, and it was well worth the experience. What do you expect girls to do when they have a party without men? Well, they get totally wasted, go wild, some end up fighting and others pass out.. Sounds a bit blokey to me? To be honest quite many looked like that too ;-) I was afraid I will get beaten when I walked in all dolled up with my stiletto boots and miniskirt, but the experience was very nice, had many nice chats with girls and ended up dancing a lot.

Live another night

Tuesday night we went to check out again the local trans-support coffee night. Was nice to meet Anne, and have a chat with Johanna. Oh she is a dirty mouthed slut. But nice and funny one.

Whoah. In two weeks+ I was in London TX & Way Out Club, a french maid in fetish party, had the most remarkable night out in supanice'n'crazy company, continued the party with lesbians the night after and then went to cool down in coffee night. I think I put my trashed mop to rest and try to live a normal life for a while. You know, working and paying bills and things like that..

I've been watching this over and over. It makes me smile and think of the past weekend.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


This weekend managed to exceed any imagination what it means - or can mean - to be a tranny. I think I have seen a glimpse of rock star life..

Just why do so many women think trannies are hawt?

Somebody get my feet back to ground before I float to outer space. Or apply to Idols.


Honestly, I'm in awe how great life can sometimes be. I'm in love with everything.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Men and mice

Last Saturday was a bit special, we went with Milla to Bizarre Club fetish party in Jyväskylä, some 300kms north of Helsinki. I've been to kinky parties several times before so I wasn't particularly excited about that, but never dressed as girl so it was a new experience. Why I was looking forward to the occasion is that in ordinary places one has to have some limit to the choice of clothes.. And I wanted to do Tranny French Maid. Isn't that a classic?

Maid's night out

We had bought identical pvc maid outfits from Honour with Milla. Problems started with the petticoat. The dress is too short to be worn by any tranny without a petticoat (just ask Becky!), and a proper maid calls for a generous petticoat. But they were nowhere to be found! Some prospects were spotted in goth clothes stores, but imagine the choice of coulours: black, black, black...

Desperate situations call for desperate solutions, so I googled "how to make a petticoat" (now stop laughing about those crazy search phrases!) and bought 20m of tulle on Friday afternoon. I found a marvellous site explaining how to make ballet tutus, which is just the most voluminous petticoat you can imagine. Actually too voluminous, I put only half of the layers into it and the maid's dress was already pointing to the sky...

We had also visiting star with us, Johanna, a nice young fetish tv who was too shy to get involved in any photos - not so shy in some other aspects. The party itself was a bit bummer, not many people, no program or shows, mainly sitting and staring and occasional performances that always attracted a crowd. So we had a jolly threesome, I was serving champagne and we were killing time. Oh and I broke a heart again, one lady just couldn't keep me out her mind (or fingers). Somebody told I look like Samantha Fox, in a good way. w00t!? I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky, I should be so lucky in love..

Quite many tv's present, all sorts. In Finland the kinky/fetish parties tend to be THE place where trannies go out and many don't venture outside that world. Which is a big shame, if you imagine a young tranny coming out. What is the image she gets? Now don't get me wrong, fetish and kinky parties can be a lot of fun, but too often it's semi-nervous, semi-ashamed standing without much socialising, surrounded by all sorts of freaks in pvc, rubber and leather. If trannying gets identified with this scene it's not gonna be something to be shared with the wider public. Fetish parties are a good place to try your wings (I did that!) because it's an accepting environment, but I pray trannies wouldn't stop there. Problem is there are no tranny clubs or nights out in Finland, it's a huge step to go into ordinary lgt nightclub.

After the party 3 a.m. we stopped on the outskirts of Jyväskylä to grab some food and coffee for the trip home. Johanna was scared because she didn't have any non-pvc change clothes, unlike me and Milla. Whatever, the gas station was almost deserted with less than ten people, we ordered the food and ate. Then three young blokes came to the next table and started staring. After a while one of them (the leader, isn't it always?) shouted: "They are all f*cking men! They are f*cking trannies!" It was a new situation, I've never got any negative feedback, so I held my breath and went through different scenarios involving thai boxing in a wig. I turned to them and replied "And you are not men but mickey mice". Murmuring things about trannies they stood up and changed to the furthest table in the corner. I was laughing from all my heart. I don't enjoy confrontations, but I don't want to sit iddle and take sh*t on me from morons either.

The rest was torture, I had promised to drive back so I drove the 300kms fighting against sleep. Luckily roads were empty so I was fast and furious while Milla and Johanna slept happily. We would have stayed in a hotel but all the places were fully booked because of a snow mobile fair. I bet you don't have these problems in UK, do you?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Izvinite Rossija

I stated earlier my opinion that I wouldn't recommend Russia to any trans-person. I have several very good Russian friends, and I've had several trips there, mainly St. Petersburg (which is considered to be more European than Russian city). All my experience has been that Russian state of mind is the most chauvinistic, heterosexual one can find. Forget latin machismo, the latin guys look after their appearance, try to impress women to win their hearts. They might even give a rose and read a poem. Okay, it is the way of many Russians too, but the majority seems to be content at drinking with buddies and then finding some pretty girls to spend some quality time with. Exceptions from this are often frowned upon or simply not understood.

The country has also dark history from communist era, when physically and mentally handicapped and sexual minorities were transported to Siberia (or plainly killed) to starve together with the political opposition. That has left the people without understanding or tolerance of sexual minorities. Together with recent rise of violent nationalism it has summoned events like the recent - if not officially supported, at least tolerated - public beating of the Gay Parade participants in Moscow.

All that might be just bollocks.

A TS friend of mine is right now on another larger-than-life expedition, this time to the East. She took a Trans-Siberia (sic!) train from Finland to China, and reported me back from Tokyo that my opinions were not true. She had good time in Russia, made lots of friends, and was drinking and partying with people with no problems ever, people were always charming. Unlike in Latin America where she was traveling last time. Generally Russians were always surprised and interested to meet a TS, sometimes unable to comprehend what it is about, but always positive.

Now I wait and hope she will be able to comment on this..

Monday, October 09, 2006

TX + WoC

Went to London. Got wasted. Had fun.
What else?

This Way

Okay, in post-Sparkle euphoria I was determined to explore the UK scene more, and agreed with Jo to come for Transmission and Way Out Club. Sooner than expected - as usual - it was Friday morning 6 a.m. and I was throwing all kinds of clothes into bags. Or actually shoes to one bag and clothes to another.
Unfortunately I had just finished my holiday in Asian tropics and started working in harsh Nordic autumn, meaning I had caught bad cold and energies were down, but off to London I flew straight from work..
Jo Darling was kind enough to pick me from airport and provide for food and shelter in Kent for Friday night. We had a peaceful evening with a 15 y.o. Scot, just preparing for Saturday.

Saturday we drove to Barbican hotel meeting Becky and Jane with whom we were staying. We went downtown shopping: I wanted to check out Honour, a fetish clothing shop and Becky needed some makeup from Charles Fox. How do you spot a tranny in tube? He's the one with pink rubber corset suspenders hanging out from his unidentifiable plastic bag. Shave etc in hotel with Mr. Bacardi - one shouldn't drink before preparing, but I haven't found my limit yet so I keep researching. Half a litre seems to be within limits. Oh and I still hate painting nails. Thank God it's autumn and dark at night..

Leaving hotel we waited for a cab with pirates' hen night party. I speculated joining them instead of the tranny program, but it was clearly a non-starter. I did get some candies from the girls though.

Evening started with a dinner at Carluccio's. We were joined by Clarissa, while Connie and Tracy had to cancel their night out. We were not alone at the place, at least Laura Handbag and Fiona were there too. Food was good, wine tasty and company perfect. Waiter was funny, making an emphasized "ladies..." every time he came to us.


I had decided to have a three-costume evening, and was carrying a well-sized sports bag as my hand luggage. Finishing the dinner we entered Transmission and I stormed into ladies' to change my business dress into more clubby outfit. I managed to un-identify Miss Rachel Anderson there. I was expecting some latex catsuit but she was wearing a Sonny Crocket suit.. Took me a while to realize, but then she was at least equally shocked to find out I'm not a UK girl. Speechless, almost.
Well then, the vodka red bull marathon started. Walking around the three floors of Transmission, dancing, mingling, chatting. Was nice to meet Kat and Rebekah who were heading for Rubber Ball later that night. April Angel was all over the place taking pictures, and gave me her business card umpteenth time. That's a routine I always perform upon meeting her. Oh and I remember meeting Yoko, a girl from Japan, and brushing the few Japanese sentences I still remember..

Becky, moi et Jo at Way Out Club. Photo by Jane

After midnight we changed place to Way Out Club (and I changed clothes the second time). Becky and Jo had forewarned me it's a seedy place they every time swear not to go again. I prepared for action buying a mini whip from Honour, determined to keep admirers at arm's length. Clarissa gave us a lift and headed home. Entering the place is funny, circular stairs go on and on down in a bright blue corridor. At that stage I was more than merry-go-happy and rest of the night was err... party routine. Yes there was some action in toilets (not me, mind you!), I got some admirer attention but it was perfectly ok, no need to whip anybody. Quite little actually, or then I was too wasted to notice it. I found the place more like an interesting zoo of all the species surrounding translife, not so much a seedy meat market. I did perform lap dancing to Jane and Becky on the table (hopely there will be no pictures). I did run into dance floor every time there was something I like. Finally I was too exhausted and pled Jo to take me home. Was nice to meet Tidy TTT and Hanna Violane. Sorry everybody I have forgotten or that my seriously narrowed field of vision didn't spot on Sat.

I got my punishment, all 10 hours of it, the next day. Considering only the amount of red bull I had on side: Don't do that, it's bad for your health. I must have been the most miserable person waiting for check-in to open at Heathrow. I was impressed to see police carrying automatic riffles, and did you know now you have to remove your shoes for scanning in security check? Next year, naked?

All in all fab weekend, extremely nice to see Jo, Becky and Jane again. And many other old and new friends. Pity I was a bit down with the cold and was fighting it with strong medicine.


I'm Valerie, 32. I drink too much when I have fun. I make too big show when I'm wasted. Bear with me. I try to be a better err... tranny.

* Tranny Alcoholics and Danceholics Anonymous

Friday, September 29, 2006

I <3 Asia

Among many many other reasons, for
Tata, ICE and Jocie

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tranny Junkie

You know you're a Tranny Junkie when you
-think taking pictures of yourself and posting them to net regularly is essential
-are happy to get hpw admirers for those photos
-write blog entries just because you're supposed to
-compulsively check numerous blogs many times a day, just in case somebody wrote something
-comment on their writing even though you really don't have anything to say

Getting worse,
-after posting new pictures watch online to see how many views and comments you're getting
-check blog stats regularly

Just came back from rehabilitation. Life is good. Military coups are fun.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Boten Anna

Having had hard working week and full program for the weekend I wasn't sure about going out on Friday. We met anyway with Milla to do some shopping (online this time) and were trying to decide what to do. But when Milla's chat acquaintance asked if she can come to town, hopped into a car and drove 300km to have a party with two tvs she never met, it was a no-brainer decision.

We decided to check Lost'n'Found, a hetero-friendly gay bar that has turned more into a gay-friendly hetero bar. Amazingly the place was about empty on arriving 11 pm. We did get a bit more attention from the crowd than normal, but everybody was just very happy and positive. So far crossdressing in public has mainly generated positive curiosity apart from the odd jokes on the street. Generally, if I am happy and confident, people will reflect my attitude. Oh and I obviously got and admirer, 30 something semi bald guy with a beard and Professor of Astronomy glasses, he just couldn't get me out of his mind. He was kind of cute and very gentleman, but unfortunately I'm not into that ;-)..

Place started filling up and we had some dancefloor action, but decided to change place anyway. So we checked DTM only to find out they had a horrible queue. A big techno party there.. Time for big decisions: we went to see Hercules, the hc gay bar of town. They have sex booths at the back area so go figure. It was trendish with lot of people, but atmosphere was a bit flat. Obviously it's an underground meat market and doesn't have the party atmosphere of DTM I prefer.

Standards Compliance

Little Miss Devil

And Boten Anna, a song about irc bot? I was jumping all around the dance floor while some others (hrrmmm) were deeply involved in something else...

And while I'm at it, I just mention also Ventrilo which must be the nerdiest dance vid ever done ;-)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alice in Genderland

Finally had a chance to read Alice Novic's Alice In Genderland.

Wow. Now everyone go read it!

I was impressed. Alice, or actually her male alter ego Richard Novic, is a psychiatrist by profession, so she can have some pretty good insights into the motives and thought processes of a crossdresser. The book is a memoir so it documents the process from early stages to a full blown bi crossdresser through a lot of experimentation and self-discovery on the way. The honesty and openness she shares about her life is respectable.

There was very much I could relate to, and I have to admit she made me thinking forward a lot, where does my path lead. Nobody knows, but if I don't try to find what I find important and good in life, I won't either.

And I'm a complete idiot. We met at Sparkle over a dinner table and had some small talk. It was only my second night out so I was full of myself, excitement of the party and all my new friends. I had only some vague idea who she is and totally missed an opportunity to have an interesting talk, which I wish to correct in the future.

There's a good interview of her over the book as well at URNA.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Night of the Sistah

Thursday was the annual Helsinki Night of the Arts, and we decided it was time to get some fresh air with Milla. We went shopping together on Tuesday, and ended up buying identical tops and skirts. So it was gonna be Night of the Sistah.

What makes a girl happy?
Happy bunny with a basket of champagne

Venue was the usual dtm, and it was gonna be Les Femmes drag show. The show was fabulous! I'm not a connoisseur of drag shows but I've been in dance show/performance business for last 10+ years and I can tell when I see a good show. Les Femmes is an ultra-famous drag group originating from early '90, many performers ended up all around Europe, some spent couple years performing in L.A. I guess they must be the stunning drag queens Stephanie was refering to in Jo's blog entry.

Again it was a threesome party - me, Milla and Mila dancing, drinking & chatting. Johanna and Asta whom we met at last week's coffee night were also there. We had fabulous talks with some gg girls, I think I fell in love with a very very cute naughty stewardess.. It's funny so many people approach me when I'm dressed, not quite so when I'm out as a boy. The place was sizzling with non-regular people (because of the big party night) and the atmosphere was exceptionally good.

Actually poor Milla was driving, so no drinking for her, and working the very next day - we got to sleep at 5 am...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From Russia with Love

Just had a nice trip to Russia. Should go there more often, more so as I have many very very good friends living/from there. But I wouldn't recommend the country for any trans-person, come to think of it to member of any sexual minority.

Now my respectable 2 months+ holiday is over, and just had overwhelming 3-day working week. I desperately need a holiday. Oh wait, I think there's one coming in two weeks :-)

I did some wrist slapping to Beckie as I thought she started building a Trannynova. I guess she will have her word about it *teehee*.

And oh, Jo's Trannynova post from January is a gem, if blogger supported Flickr style favorites I'd fav it immediately! "like a supernova only with more lace"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

I might look like super-confident tranny, but it's been less than a year when I started doing proper make up and dressing, and going out just half a year. Supercharged, me?
I have a friend who is now going through some of those very same steps I was a year ago. Instead of trying to explain myself, I'll just let her explain, so ladies and gentlemen, we have a guest appearance...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Coffee and Biscuit

Coffee and Biscuit
This is starting to be a familiar pose ;-) ?

We went with Milla to local trans support centre & TV organization (Transtukipiste & DWC) monthly coffee night. It was more relaxed than I had expected. Something like 6 tvs, one in drab, couple gg partners. No agenda, just talking about whatever while having a coffee and some biscuits. Of course everybody was a lot interested in us, seems like not so often two new youngish tvs appear there fully dressed without prior notice. There are actually dressing room facilities, which can be also used whenever the office is open. Maybe I'll put them into good use some time later..
They were trying to persuade us to come to their annual party (and 10th anniversary as well) in October. I probably would, but very very unfortunately I'll be in London town partying then :-)

Highlight of the night was talking to Johanna, who was trannying publicly before I was born - and still looks good, mind you! She's been the one and only other tv I've spotted occasionally in my lone adventures, she's probably holding the World Record of going out dressed partying: over 30 years! Nice, funny and totally nuts. I also had brief history lesson, got to learn about B.B. who was the tranny pioneer in Finland. That is crazy stuff! I'd like to write some proper story of her later, have to try find more material..

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I love Monty

Inspired by Becky's comment on my weekend activities. Did I get it?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Not another lonely tranny

Went out, got wasted, had fun.

Party girls

All my posts will be like that from now on ;-) Until I mature into the next level of Tranny Age.

So we agreed with Milla to go out and see Miss Drag Queen 2006 Cristal Snow Not Another Drag Show @ Dtm. Very very accidentally I met also Mila, a TS who made my first makeover about a year ago (I promise to write a story later).

On arriving we went to the ladies' to touch up the makeup, and it was funny, this cute little girl doing her makeup looks and says to everybody "Look how the guys have made themself so pretty. It's so unfair, I cannot match!" I just laughed and told her we are just shadows trying to imitate her..

I haven't seen many drag shows so I'm not an expert to evaluate it. Different. Lots of her own stuff, not so much imitation and dress changes. She makes her own music too and in the end performed one, singing herself. Aggressive. Maybe the aggression should be compensated more with occasional softness to have the nuances.


Just before the show a girl came to me and asked "When do you start?" lefting me a standing question mark. "Yeah, when do you start?". "Oh, the show should start any minute. We're just audience!" "Oh, you look so good I thought you are performing." "Well, I can perform to you if you want!"

After the show the same girl approaches and asks something about backstage. Sound was so loud I had to ask several times what she was asking. "Can I go to backstage to thank Cristal for the show?" Well, it's nice people ask me for permission to do things but I'm still audience. "Yeah you can, the staff guard just left the door" I promised her. Maybe she just couldn't get it we were not performers..

The three of us spent the night dancing, chatting and drinking. Got some admirer attention and several gg compliments.

Toward end of the night two men came to chat with us very enthusiasticly, and all of us thought they are an old friend of some other, but no... Appears the other was a famous show business character, out with some his friends. He persuadeed us to go join his company and then proceeded to order a bottle of champagne. We chatted the rest of the night there, also introducing our culture first time to his curious friend who obviously never really met a TV/TS.

Champagne being served

Fab night!