Monday, August 10, 2009

I'll be your one stop candy shop

Vogue en concert in Helsinki, first time ever.

So had my birthday with Miss Ciccone. And 100.000 other people.
Gosh I remember why I don't go to these mass concerts often! First of all Finns are so ice cool, no excitement or party spirit even Madonna is rocking the house!?! WTF? Why you come to concert wasting space if you just stand there like a fucking scarecrow? Second, two thirds of the people are just lame ass idiots, "wife forced me to come", "came with friends, drunk, because everybody is supposed to come", "I'm not watching, I'm filming the concert with my crappy mobile phone because I can", "I liked her when she released Holiday".. And ban for everybody over six feet or coming with a frickin bagpack!!!

Well to admit I was a bit disappointed. Haven't seen her live before but the DVD's of previous concerts & other artists beat Sticky&Sweet. Maybe Hard Candy isn't that good album either.. Problem is she's got so wide spectrum from her long career it's not easy to keep it tightly packed. Ok she did it by mostly playing new songs & remixes of oldies. Second problem, modern heavily mixed songs don't work that well on an open air 100.000 people concert, and Hard Candy doesn't really have great hits. Anyhow went there, saw her.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Birthday with Madonna

Will be having my birthday today at Mad's concert in Helsinki.

Yeah the nails dropped off so I'll report Sparkle, promise.