Thursday, May 29, 2008

Catching up

Hehku club glamour

What I did last weekend?

Move lawn looking like Pussycat Dolls - check
Have Jap lolita ts-friends come over to my place - check
Have Chicks with Guns (tm) sauna evening with them - check
Organize t*girl meeting at nightclub & party all night - check
Attend moving family reunion - check
Organize forthcoming life with newlywed - check
Book 4*2 trips in Asia & Europe - check
Blog about all marvelous things happening around me - errr..
Post plenty of pictures on Flickr - what pictures?!?

Sorry but I just can't keep up with myself. Tomorrow I'm changing continent again.

Oh and by the way. I cannot make it to the Sparkle. I know already I'll be missing you all like hell, but that's life. 2009 is almost there! Love you all.

Poor Amy Winehouse: Valerie