Friday, March 30, 2007

Survival in Hostile Environment

God Finnish TG scene suxx. It consists of extreme TS nutcases who have hijacked all the public internet forums, throwing their depressing hatred all around. Ridiculing trannies as roleplaying weirdo HPWs and attacking any other TS who's life is ok. Giving advice like "Have you tried suicide at least 3 times? No? Don't even dream about it" for poor young possible TSes asking about transitioning. Please go kill yourself. Then there are old trannies who don't go out because there's smoke and loud music in bars. Then there are young trannies who don't go out because they're too frightened and mostly post pictures of their bare ass to wanker forums. And then there are the HPWs, natch.

Okay, I know several lovely TSs. And some outgoing trannies. My fullhearted regards to you.

I've been trying to stay somewhat on fi radar, imagining maybe there exist young trannies needing an example. I think I will give up that idea. Bollocks.

I even played with the idea of making an Angels-like forum for Finnish TGs. Problem with current forums is they don't require registration and are full of anonymous lunatic TSs and tranny haters. Nobody was interested when I asked. Bollocks. Scrap that.

I will go out again and have a party after couple hours with my tranny friend Milla, my mindblowing girlfriend, several friends of theirs and we'll have loads of fun and meet interesting people. This time I might not be too wasted, even.

Looking forward to Sparkle. I have a dream and it's called Fook Mi.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eurovision Countdown 2

I'm professionally informed. My bet goes on:
çomme ci comme ça of Cyprus and
Natalie Barbu of Moldova

My special prize on Best Christina Aquilera/Maxi Jazz Imitation goes for
Poland. Beware of the Polish Plumber.

Or take a look at
most of them. Special sympathy goes to DJ Bobo of Swizerland and Denmark with I'm Your drama queen tonight.

Finland suxx with Hanna Pakarinen: Leave Me Alone, but I cannot symphatize more the 2nd Lovex: Anyone Anymore.

Remember I told you first.

Now I promised the mother of all parties anyone coming to Finland for Eurovision. My place being the HQ. So?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Scientific Experimentation

Even though I haven't written anything for almost a month I have 15 daily readers? You must have gotten here accidentaly, hush, go away! ;)

Sometimes too much happens in life to have time to write about it. Or it's too personal. Or both.

To summarize, I've been out to town couple of times in between. The latest night got wilder than ever, I think I exceeded all my previous performances.. Then I was in Amsterdam, also some Valerie partying there. And the party was pretty hard, consider me trying to keep things sensible. Maybe I'll post some piccies and details later.

Now I'm suffering the mother of all influenzas, having +39C for the 4th day.