Thursday, February 26, 2009

Social network congestion: why less is more

Flickr and Facebook have gone from hot to not. Does somebody still really use MySpaces? Twitter/Jaiku whatever really looks hot but they're just bollocks, a new momentarily adrenaline dose for the tired.

Social networking works when the network is small and smart. The moment it grows unmanageable to limits of human cognition (what do you really do with 2.359 contacts?!? Can you remember your common history with no. 1.703?) and quality plummets below mediocre all the networking effect wears off.

Flickr was cool when there was just trannyflickr with Miss K and Erika Baarova (ok perhaps a couple others too :), and it was a privilege to join. Now every picture gets ten invites "Add to my 'Blondes wearing pink lipstick and high heels while sitting on sofa' -group!".

I've read bright opinions how all this false "being connected 24/7 and having hundreds of friends all over the world" is actually worsening the quality of our social lives and more importantly prevents us to focus on anything, be it work, family, hobby, or a real social life. I strongly believe in the referenced fact that being good in anything requires long-spanning concentration more than anything. Would we have the relativity theories if Einsten Twittered his daily minutes of life? I give you Kathy Sierra, I really recommend reading it. And she wrote it two years ago!

"Coffee with your next-door neighbor could do more for your brain than a thousand Twitter updates."

To prove my point, take a look at this monster. Inspiration for this post and a picture from that enables you to send your status messages from web/mobile/social sites to all the major social networking sites. God bless us from the minor.

I'll go make a coffee and concentrate on my work.

On British blue eyes

According to a recent study 80% of Brits have blue eyes. Now that is news, at least to me! The rest of you probably knew it already?

Admitting being wrong is a sign of strength ;)

And when did Lady J change to a Pink Fluffy Duck?!?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Momentary lapse of reason

It's 1am, disco is open until 4am and it's all inclusive aka booze for free. And I'm back to room. Writing blog entry. Am I getting sensible or old? Or both?!?

I found out Turkey - based on a court decision - is banning Youtube because some Greek people have posted anti-Turkish material. Cool. I didn't say it to my Turkish colleagues, but really, is your nation planning to join EU? Are you sure you are ready for it? We have some concepts like human rights and freedom of speech that you might not be familiar with. Yet.

Personally I've always detested these all-inclusive luxury resorts and now I'm sure. Come on, a concentration camp without any outside people. Suicide. MIA. The German pensioners really don't know how to have fun.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Walk like a Brit

Jo, Becky, Mom!

All the Germans and French think I'm British.
What went wrong? Brits don't have blue eyes. Cake or death?!?

On Turkish specials

I will never ever ask a Turkish bartender for his special drink. Did that x N (don't remember anything about the night) and got everything destroyed. I say, I throw up very very very seldom, but now I did it all day. And I was still drunk 18 hours after finishing the last drink. Is that possible really?!?
It's next night and surprisingly everybody thinks I'm British + wasted = over + out.
Hey it's just me. Val.

Bloody Turkish ISPs have blocked Youtube ?!?

PS: you have no idea amount of concentration went for this blog entry! I had about 20 mojitos and a half tonight...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back in business

Spending a working week in five star resort in southern Europe. Today I realised just how much I've been missing traveling. I'll put down some of my thoughts later, now I'm too busy destroying the minibar, next diving to foam bath.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dial B for Burlesque

It's the D-Day for Helsinki Burlesque Festival and I've organised a day for around 20 people. Tita just came to my place and we'll start preparing. First some shopping around town & some business visits, on evening we have dinner gathering and finally the actual burlesque party. I've been waiting for this, finally here!

And oh, yesterday I remade my gel nails with proper tips. Oooh they are wonderful!