Monday, December 29, 2008


My today's Flickr stats: 1.010 call me a contact, 500.000+ views on my pics, 670 unread mail.

1.010 contact viewers and nobody to sponsor me a pro account, which I've been observing after mine expired a few months ago ;) (And no, if you're intelligent enough to read my blog I don't want you to sponsor it!!!)

Instead of aiming for the magical million views milestone I think I'll scale down. Actually a million views shouldn't be too difficult nowadays. Flickr is hugely popular, just post whatever (especially x-rated whatever) on continuous fire and post it to as many pools as you can, et voilá just in a month and a half.

Flickr was essential in my coming out years ago, a sudden paradise island of quality trannies forming a community. Now it's the Manila waste dump where one can occasionally find something nice. To advance the message of Tranny Freedom and Fun I took the task of documenting - okay, at least trying to! - my whereabouts in a diary format (ok, a byproduct of selfishly posting my pictures all over and get masses of fans calling "Amazing!", "You're so beautiful!", "urhot got msn?"). Now I think I've done my part. Maybe I'll change it to a portfolio of my best portraits. Maybe I'll even set up my pro photo studio gear and take a few shots.

Actually taking a more closed look at photography again could be interesting. I still haven't read the manual of my Nikon D200 I bought over two years ago! I used to teach photography and b/w printing at my University...

If teh internets is all about peer content creation while majority of net users anyway still are consumer couch potatoes, why do the artists need to pay the bill?

Another annoying thing btw is if I wanted to put my huge amount of boy-pictures online I should buy another account. Why not be able to have a single repository of content and then being able to publish different views for different audiences?

Sorry Flickr but I'll add to global downturn and not renew my pro account. Which btw has gotten more expensive during the years. I always thought there are economies of scale in teh nets?

Valerie's 1st theorem of web 2.0 : as the user base of a social content sharing web site grows big enough to support actual business model, the original content- and community creating core users start to get fed up.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Slightly belated Happy Christmas time to all!!!

In 2008 many things have been going on all the time, lots of changes in my life (again) but 2009 theme looks like building stability. Maybe I'll be able to write more often and keep in touch with all you friends better. *muah*

(Today, I've been mostly lying in bed with fever. Doh.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm gonna start the fight?

Why is it that everybody describes me with this link: Pink: So What


Ha! I'll just write this funny googlestorming instead of putting any of my real thoughts down:

Got utterly annoyed reading Cross Dresser #1 the Pope himself, God's chosen Man in a Dress declaring fight against homo- and transexuality is as important as protection of the environment.
While googling around for a humour picture of Pope dressing in a cross aka cross-dressing for my forum post I came up with a seemingly interesting blog by a 20sh Helsinki girl. Haha she's the same ice queen I've met several times in DTM whos head-in-the-arse "I must be the most handsome hetero in the bar" boyfriend is groping my wife's arse (and surely others') at every possibly chance. Last time I got enough and was going to make an issue but my beloved wife changed her mind that something had happened so I was left without evidence.


I so hate those types coming to gay bars and 1) thinking they can behave like they were in their regular hilly-billy pub 2) totally incapable of even imagining a heterosexual tranny, and yes, that gorgeous girl you're fancying is actually with him, and thank you, go back were you crawled out from! Well we've had several hilarious nights observing that self-conscious couple making such a loser joke out of themselves it's almost ok.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Finland got yesterday it's 3rd Nobel Prize as our ex-president Martti Ahtisaari received the 2008 Nobel Prize for Peace in Oslo. I feel happy and proud for that. He is propably the most underestimated Finn ever, my (previous) opinions included. When he was president we had plenty of jokes like "Ahtisaari is the only president you can see from Moon" - let's face it, he is huge and not the most handsome of world politicians. He came outside party circles as a black horse and won elections big time. He was claimed to be populist, disregarding our country and inclining to business as he spent much time traveling around world doing international politics and promoting Finnish companies. Disregard for home field ultimately hit him as his party came up with another candidate for next elections. Rumour goes he got fed up with this and thus decided not to continue as a president. Good for the rest of the world I say, as he has worked tremendously for solving crisis around world.
It's funny how Russia is very sour of his prize, no official recognizion so far and all main papers just barking bullshit critic. They are still sour about Balkans where Ahtisaari helped produce a plan for the indepence of Kosovo from (Russian ally) Serbia. Today's Pravda: "When the Finns blocked his second presidency, they probably were spared of sharing fate of rest of the world caused by Mr. Ahtisaari."
Err WTF? Attack of Russia? Putin will nuke the world because Norwegians gave Nobel to him? Balkans taught me a Russian lesson, we almost ended up boxing with my then-best cordial Russian friend about the issue. A Ph.D. ready to take Kalashnikov and fight for the Nato oppression there, nothing else ever happened, just American propaganda. I'm actually worried about Russia because the country has gone only much worse ever since when it comes to democracy.


Today I'm surrounded by a military camp. This morning getting out of my house to work a sergeant with attack riffle stopped me "Sorry Sir (sic!) road is closed, there's a mine field. You need to turn and go other way." Now how often does your day start like this? Ultimately they gave in and I got to go to work. I'm terribly afraid the reality of their training suffered from pulling off the enormous mine-sweeping truck and watching as a bloody civilian coupé sped right through their minefield. Hey, it's my road, get off or I will drive into your camouflage tent.
Or worse, put my military uniform and attack you tonight! :P

Friday, December 05, 2008


There's only two types of people in the world
The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe
Well baby, I'm a put-on-a-show kind of girl
Don't like the backseat
Gotta be first

I'm a like the ringleader, I call the shots (Call the shots)
I'm like a firecracker, I make it hot
When I put on a show...

Went with Tita to Britney's Circus album release party on Wednesday. On circus theme there were magicians and girls on five feet legs around. Got free CD & poster. Party was actually pretty lame but had fun anyway. I felt we were about only ones dressed for the occasion (plus a bunch of girlies dressed as Britneys, we instantly clicked!). Got a weirdo fan trying to pick up, summoned staff to throw him out. Also very very by chance met Rach from UK, nice to see you & get in touch if you ever come again to the cold LGBT capital of Nordics!

Many many things have happened but I haven't written anything. I'll try to be nicer and catch up. I'm feeling happy!

Britney: Circus

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
Better be ready, hope that you feel the same

All eyes on me, in the center of the ring
(Just like a Circus) (Uh. Uh.Uh-huh)
When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trip
(Just like a Circus) (Uh. Uh. Uh-huh)
Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor
(Just like a Circus) (Uh. Uh. Uh-huh)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

Had a sparkling Halloween party in a good company.

We closed down Puuteri for 3 days to educate the Delta Tau Chis about internet forum behaviour, clean the place a little bit and simply, to have a perfect Halloween holiday :)

We started receiving plenty of feedback and remarkably, 100% supportive and approving. Talk about taking the right move. Also last night on going back online everybody was happy for us coming back. Thanks everybody for support.

Looking back my mistake has been trying to get along with everybody and being active on the forum on day-to-day discussions. Therefore I tried to deal the issue on personal relations, not just cold implementation of rules. Lesson learned. I also re-found Becky's old gem: Envérité's version of Godwin's Law and started implementing that :P

What's funny, local people seem to have started reading my blog. Obviously somebody's been sending a link. I've never advertised it to anyone and consider it my semi-private diary where I'm for instance ranting about the idiots social challenges I come across and then be able to continue with the requirements of a civilized society.

Looks like some people have been bruised by my previous post. First of all, it's truth. Truth needs to be told when too many people believe lies. Truth screams to be told when lies try to replace truth publicly. Second, if somebody acts like an idiot she must face being called one. I can apologize my rant to one person, H, because she apologized me for her part of the mess. Otherwise, it's been very quiet so I count having 5-1 lead.

Time to move on. Case closed.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Evil Evil Evil: On hatstands and fruitcakes

13 months ago I set up transgender website with the idea of bringing all transgender people together in fun and accepting environment. It has been popular with around 500 users and 5.000 posts to date, 20+ online chatters every night. (for a language audience of 5 million people).

I'm considering to close it down.

For the past 13 months I can count with single hand fingers people who've thanked me for the site. Currently more people mock me on daily basis for whatever reason they can find.

Want the script of a drama featuring cheaper back-stabbing liars and retards than the novel at local Tesco's?

Hardly a surprise that all the characters are pre-transition m2f TSes, many of whom got their first bite of Zumenon last week. (I'm refering to them according to sex stated in their passport - just returning the favour of being called names for over a week now)

Shame shame as some of my loveliest friends are TSes. But then again, my friends don't have serious mental problems.

It all started with a discussion on transvestite part of the forum, topic "Transvestite ICD classification" sliding gradually to off-topic mostly by some besserwissers wanting to tell How Things Are, as usual. We knew what was on the road ahead and decided to act on it.

A newbie hatstand J started explaining the standard wisdom "You are like having a hobby, like doing yoga, a lifestyle choice. The choice of wearing a skirt is like somebody want to use a suit, some others jeans. [...] I on the other hand am a Real Woman feeling and thinking like a woman, not any (transvestite) ass-shaker from bar".

He got private warning for putting that blurp public.

Simultaneously on the same discussion fruitcake H was posting pages of data on transexual treatment. Everything started sliding off-topic, so fellow moderator Tita wrote a general reminder to everyone "Please stop posting off-topic". The fruitcake heated, threw personal insult, and went on.

He got private warning for writing that insult and disrespecting moderation.

But now he started revving. He started calling us names, "blokes in a dress", boys with inflated ego, ts-haters, asking to ban him, and writing some strange scorny forum articles. We didn't care so far and told him to calm down and relax, nobody's interested in banning him. I contacted him and tried to talk the case clear, actually believing we did reach an understanding. How wrong I was. He continued, and got the hatstand J along. Now we had two persons looking for trouble and challenging moderation.

I put the newbie for a 3 day ban, and asked the more mature H once more to get real. After hearing of the ban the fruits flew all over the place: he continued insults and started writing articles that every TS should get off the site as it's run by ts-hating blokes in a dress. Enough of that so he got a 7 day ban. The website aims to bring together TSes and TVs, so the TS/TV war he started mongering was attacking the core idea of the site.

Result was that a public anonymous transforum, regularly full of tranny-haters and bashing, started to fill of insults on the website and us administrators. Mostly insulting poor Tita who wasn't even to blame! Part of messages were signed by H himself, but most of it anonymous. Very, very low class insults.

Random hatstands started making trouble on our website. A grandma-aged nutcake J, specialized in generating hot air, was every day claiming admin of bashing ts's and general bad behaviour. He who himself blew off personal insults on a priest one of the same days for christ's sake! A true hatstand supreme M who's usually writing stuff nobody can really understand was generating bad atmosphere as well, claiming all the time that TSs are randomly banned because we hate TSes and that we are just bunch of kids stretching our muscle, but "we will all be killed my stronger force".. Explaining dutifuly in chat to everybody how things are, even he had no idea what had happened. J, a weekly visitor with sour one-liners and insults started celebrating that finally we are getting what we deserve.


Despite all this pile of shit mounting and even moderate TSes starting to jump this imaginative bandwagon to "resist the oppressors" we cut the original bans on predetermined days. Last night I caught H in chat and after some insisting got him to talk about the episode, and got an apology. So we are ok. Also J agreed episode was over. End of story? Not! The wheels H set into motion keep turning.

While talking this M was simultaneously mocking of power politics, childish abuse and demanding for a apology for him. Excuse me? He's not involved in the row in any other way than spreading lies, insulting, general bad will, and he even admitted writing many of the anonymous insults on the other website. And now he's waiting for an apology? I shrugged that off at the time, but this morning seeing that random hatstands are still continuing the mockery, my cup was filled and spilled.

My site is an attempt to find intelligent, nice transgender people in Finland who can discuss and share thoughts without scorn, need for self-promotion on others' expense or purge personal anxiety on insulting others. If none exist, the social experiment failed. End of story.

I'm most disappointed about two things: First seeing that some TSes I thought were my friends have been nodding acceptingly to this pile of shit mounting because of the claimed oppression of TSes - and they happily believed those lies. Second, that no-one of the presumed intelligent, nice persons among the wider audience are standing up to voice that this is wrongness. How can a handful of troublemakers abuse a vast majority of users, however edgy and noisy they be? That leaves me with two conclusions: either I'm wrong or alone. Both cases, I'm seriously considering giving it all up and continuing with nicer things in life.

I'm afraid I'm in desperate need of relocating to a country with citizens equipped with social skills and more positive life attitude.

It's been a while.. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting, but I'm here now

PS: Administering the forum has consumed virtually all my t*net quota, haven't been reading anybody's blogs or writing/posting pics for ages. Wonder if the same people are still around LOL.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Umm, I'm not dead - again - but just having a blog-death. Uuh I promise I mayhaps topped Extreme Trannying FOREVER last weekend at the night of the (t)arts.. maybe I'll report more later, maybe not. Lucky I didn't end up in jail for the night ;) What else? Puuteri has over 400 users / 3.500 posts. Whoa.

I'm having a serious mid-tranny-crisis: after you've partied several capitals, several spouses, several genres - what next? Well obviously I haven't done everything as I'm planning a trip to Barca with friends.

September: Cry For You (2008)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Search engine bigotry

Just how deluded can somebody be?

I am an admin for a Finnish TG discussion forum, and one thread is recommendations about good webshops for clothes shopping. The forum is strongly moderated family safe, no questionable content. I recently got this email:

Dear Webmaster

We have discovered that you are linking to our website,, on the following URLs: ...
(several links to the thread)

Please would you remove the links to our website. Will you please confirm by email that you have received this email and the links have been removed.

Kind regards,

First I thought just to ignore this nonsense, but I was too intrigued and replied:

Dear Jeremy,

I'd be utterly interested to hear an explanation for such a strange contact?

You've set up a web site and search for anybody linking there, and wish you are not mentioned or linked by anybody? I've been working with the web since the first web browser in 1993, and never met anybody (outside China) with your interest.

with regards and uttermost interest,

Now the thing is getting interesting:

Hi Valerie,
We're currently in the process of optimization (SEO) and as part of this are removing all links to our site that are damaging our ranking. Sadly yours were doing this, so I have to ask you to remove them.
Many thanks,


So excuse me? You have hired some hulabalooba SEO optimizer consultant / read a 5c book on the topic, and decided people discussing about your shop in some discussion forum (in a language totally foreign to you) is degrading you?
And, as a solution, you decide to send a polite email asking to remove the link, i.e. remove the discussion about you. Essentially, you want the discussion forum to censor any mentions about your website because it so unfortunately doesn't improve your search engine rankings? WTF?!?

How out of your mind can you be?

Did you already write to The Guardian and New York Times and asked them to remove several articles, also from already published papers? I recommend you shut your frickin website if you don't like losing control who's linking and writing about you. Or move to China and start gaining reputation in The Party. I just cannot give better advise than if you are so out of understanding what Internet is, you shouldn't consider taking the task of search engine optimization.

OMG. So appalling a company with such a history seems to have lost contact with reality.

PS: the discussion was recommending the shop, but as a result I'll add information that the people running it might just be too strange to do business with..

Friday, July 18, 2008

In my shoes

Disclaimer: I'm sorry dear readers - if there still are any - that I'm so much more inclined to venting about disasters than documenting the sunny side. Yes I am the merry-go-happy partygirl but it's so easy to move on with good things business as usual, and have a strong urge to get moody thoughts out. So, if partying is all you want, skip and look forward into reading next entry. Or take a drink or something.

My girlfriend from some time ago from other side of the world called me. She's got HIV she told, crying most of the time. I've gone to tests regularly so I'm sure I'm clear. I quite couldn't get if she just wanted to inform me and to talk with somebody who cares, or if there's something else. Anyway, my spouse (who knew the story already) got utterly mad at me for asking to send email and explain what has happened and what is her situation. Ex-relationships can die in hell pleading for help whatsoever if she can decide. Instant domestic crisis, just add reason for jealousy. Both parties happen to be from same Asian country. Yes I've told already I appreciate very much the chance to drink very deeply from the cup of life.

Not sure what to do, but if the story is true (sorry for scepticism but for all things counted, cannot be ruled out) it's hard to ignore. As a western wellfare bastard HIV is just a disease requiring regular medication, but for the less fortunate parts of the world it more or less means end of life, unless you happen to be part of the high society. Further crisis ahead. Looks like I haven't been blessed with normal life.

I'm not looking for a clearer conscience
Peace of mind after what I've been through
And before we talk of repentance
Try walking in my shoes
You'll stumble in my footsteps
Keep the same appointments I kept
If you try walking in my shoes
Try walking in my shoes

Depeche Mode: Walking in my shoes

Friday, July 11, 2008

112 is a joke

Mmm.. I feel so lousy. I've enjoyed so much reading blogs about interesting characters like Karol and Becky, but I'm too lazy to report diligently about my whereabouts. I guess I would be occasionally capable to hit the front page..

Last weekend we had a Puuteri regatta. So what is Puuteri? It's my Finnish Angels-inspired transgender forum/chat site with currently about 350 users and 3.000 messages - in a language territory of 5 million people, after 9 months!
Anyhow, 2 girls from the forum wanted to arrange a regatta. The date was bad for me as my boat was not available but we decided to join with my newlywed wife on short notice. Now believe me, I'm no amateur to sea. And I'm no amateur to alcohol. OMG bad combination. We boarded Saija's fabulous boat and headed to sea in fair weather. After unsuccessfully trying to spot THE Finnish nude beach we waited at sea for the other yacht to join us. After joining we enjoyed some delights like my newly invented rhum-strawberry yoghurt - what landludders couldn't drink it, it was delicious! I went to swim (+16oC) and was intimated to numerous photographs on the occasion. Well we did have some decent delights like salmon sushi as well..
Next we headed to a nearby island for a picnic. To put a story short, we made barbeque, annoyed all other people and our captain got terribly, terribly drunk (i.e. lying down for half an hour trying to get back to boat). We managed to drag him onboard and hide from stares from neighboring yachts. It looked like I had to take command of the ship, so we first proceeded to home harbour to fetch my girlie stuff. Bringing it onboard I dropped into the sea. Hooray. Then I commanded the invincible armada to a pier located conveniently near to my favourite club DTM.
I marched my 7-something bandits into the bar (disregarding the 2 block queue - I'm a VIP hey?!?) and on with the party.. Oh we did help one homeless alcoholic into the caring hands of Finnish police forces, narrowly escaping ending up spending the night with the coppers ourselves as well..
Very very unfortunately a member of our party fell all his 150kg's on me, standing on my feet. My ankle twisted and gone in pain.

Where would I be without friends? They take care when everything else fails. 112 (or 911 for yanks) was refusing to send an ambulance, one tranny with destroyed leg is not a reason enough in Finland. Impossible to get taxi. My friend managed to catch a bike taxi. Fucking hell! I'm living in one of the most appraised developed country, paying 2.000€+ /month taxes and when my leg is destroyed I get to a hospital with a chance luck of finding a riksha! Ooh I spent some 3 hours of the Saturday night in the one and only Helsinki ER hospital. Got Xray, no broken bones so all I got was walking sticks. Welcome again to the wellfare society. Nothing, for fuck's sake. Wait 3 hours in hospital with terribly pain and all I get is walking sticks, as I've got no broken bones. Oh well.
Looking back, it was funny experience, sitting there in wheelchair for hours in fishnets and mini with all those bleeding ER patients.
I retreated to a friend's flat nearby to die slowly with pain. My ankle was totally destroyed and the pain I got was monumental. I ate painkillers like.. hares eat grass? My dear wife luckily has a driving licence, we gathered our things in the morning from the yacht and drove back home. All plans for my holiday destroyed.

So, a normal night out again.
This weekend ER, next weekend - what? (If I can walk already?)

Wasted, moi?

Eve: Tambourine

Friday, June 27, 2008


I won't be at the Canal Street this weekend. Heart bleeding. Well, I'm missing many of you truly. Been about a year since I last saw any of my UK friends. Just too pressed with work and everything, in a positive way though.

Greetings from Amsterdam, I'll try to have all the fun I can to compensate the major loss. Have fun darlinks! <3 <3 <3

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Catching up

Hehku club glamour

What I did last weekend?

Move lawn looking like Pussycat Dolls - check
Have Jap lolita ts-friends come over to my place - check
Have Chicks with Guns (tm) sauna evening with them - check
Organize t*girl meeting at nightclub & party all night - check
Attend moving family reunion - check
Organize forthcoming life with newlywed - check
Book 4*2 trips in Asia & Europe - check
Blog about all marvelous things happening around me - errr..
Post plenty of pictures on Flickr - what pictures?!?

Sorry but I just can't keep up with myself. Tomorrow I'm changing continent again.

Oh and by the way. I cannot make it to the Sparkle. I know already I'll be missing you all like hell, but that's life. 2009 is almost there! Love you all.

Poor Amy Winehouse: Valerie

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Where Do I Begin?

Greetings from Bangkok. Got married.

Shirley Bassey - LOVE STORY (Where Do I Begin)

Sometimes words fail.

When I come back I'll be signing a new job and start looking for a flat downtown, my newlywed's moving to Finland soon. And it all started on Christmas Day night..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Out with the old..

Sorry for being cryptic as usual, but blame the Lithuanian waitresses who bring me new glass no matter what I say to them. Do they know I'm an alcoholic or are they just in urgent need of English lessons?

I'm feeling moody, this might be my last business trip in my professional life as it has been for several years. T-7 till MD-11 takes off and my life changes. And other things. Stay tuned if you're interested.


Beloved: Sweet Harmony

Saturday, February 23, 2008


In the city of sin and angels
where the devil always walks next to you
and the pearls ain't free
I fell for your tropical eyes
smile joy crazyness pure heart and goodness

Now I cannot get rid of this feeling
having lost a piece of my heart
craving to be complete
day and night

Vinylshakerz: One night in Bangkok / Iio: Is It Love

Restless heart

I've been a bit down as in addition to last Saturday's episode I've had a very very bad infection taking me to hospital Sunday & Tuesday nights.. Things are much better now although the original reason and resulting effects remain still unknown. My advice: don't get terribly sick in Netherlands outside office hours. I have to wait until I get back to Finland to get proper examinations.

On more positive front all my things were found in the theater as I suspected. Should get my laptop tomorrow here in Amsterdam.

All this mess has resulted in some reflection and two resolutions: I stop a) drinking like an idiot and b) irresponsible (sex) life. (Well b) I did on New Year already but now it's official). There will always be more alcohol (and other substances) and sex partners than I can possible consume. Time to draw the line. Maybe it took so long getting adult but I feel my restless heart got tamed a little. And I've seen who really care for me and am grateful for that. Some big questions going around my head got answered as well and all this has helped to see what path I want to take.

I promise to be about as much fun but lot less dangerous to myself and surroundings :)

Today I'll go see the masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum and have dinner with customer instead of smoking weed and trannying around Rembrandtplein nightclubs. But I'll do that some other time ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Real Time

I have been lazy blogger for a month again so let's do something new: real time blogging! It's a full course tranny night in Helsinki tonight again. I'm going to theater with a dozen other trannies and some spouses, then eat in a restaurant and continue to wee hours at Mama.

13.30 Checked in to hotel. I decided to get a hotel room for convenience. I don't have permanent base downtown and the hotel's optimally located opposite the theater and just some blocks away from DTM. Even I should be able to walk back even though it's gonna be freezing tonight! Winter finally arrived to Finland looks like. It was -12oC at home this morning.

14.15 Went to grab couple big macs, I'm dying. Yeah I do eat shit sometimes. Waiting for Tita who's due to arrive in an hour or something. If she manages to pack. Nice to have free wlan in hotel. Middle European hotels suck with their 20e/day internet "facilities". I hope I packed everything. As it's a proper theater night I'm gonna have my long black evening dress. Actually very same I had last fall at DWC Hauho meeting. Funny this is the 2nd time in my life I participate with DWC and I'm having exactly the same clothes. Did I forget to mention it's a DWC theater night? Well what the heck why not..

15.20 I've finally found perfect transport solution for girl gear: Bundeswehr military bag! Big enough to fit everything, long enough to fit thigh high-boots as well. And looks cool! No more plastic bag hell.

15.30 Finally Miss Nervous Bad Packer calls she arrived at lobby.. Here we go again..

15.45 Shopping ->

16.30 Back. Mmm... Magnum sparkling and salmiakkikossu. Alcohol, my favourite drink. Now going to bath. Elina the photographer wants to join us. Mai mii panhaa.

17.15 I'm wasted like a fish in a rhum barrel.. Now hot bath and cool sparkling!

Things are going pretty bad. 100-0 wasted, passed out 2 times, loads of stuff lost... we are now at hotel and call it a day. Maybe someone will tell me the details of the night tomorrow?
(This post is made by Titania, due Valerie`s wasted condition.)

11.17 Oops, I did it again. To sum up quickly I managed to lose my handbag again last night: credit card, driving licence, phone and camera gone again. I do hope I dropped them in the theater but unfortunately it's closed on Sundays. And I'm flying to NL in 4 hours. OMG. Play started at 19 but we managed to enter only for the second half as usual. The play, Le Cage Aux Folles, was ok (although I don't remember much). Then we went to eat in a restaurant, where I realised my missing items and got my night ruined. Very intelligently I went to walk around downtown looking for it - and then forgot what was the restaurant where we were.. What an episode. I tried to convince Tita to continue in dtm anyway but she decided to call it a night. Now I really really pray my handbag is in the theater.

Some positive news: I will get my stolen laptop back next week in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just advertising Cristal Snow's latest song. She's a Finnish drag queen turn singer/songwriter (maybe participating in the next Eurovision). I begin to like her more and more. Especially since in the miss drag queen contest afterparty she complimented my show and we were lying on top of each other kissing. I don't know but I was told so. I was slightly wasted, again.

Cristal Snow: Scarred

Supa supa.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weather report

Weather report for today: 40 degrees C temperature drop, sleet. What went wrong when Finnish climate was created?

Marsha: รักยังไม่ต้องการ

khityn khun teerak

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sawaddee pi mai!

The year has changed and I wish a better, luckier, lovelier year for everybody, myself included ;)

I was supposed to be diving in the south already but I'm still in Bangkok ;) Who hates Bangkok hates life. Life is good.

I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and generated a chapter or two to my memoirs - again. Put it briefly went out partying in an outfit that got half the city whistling after me. Hooked up with a transvestite pro and her gay friend with whom we roamed the streets and clubs. Doing sex for money in Amsterdam's Red Light District - check. LOL wups now you know.. Unfortunately the long night ended with the bloody frickin idiot gay stealing my laptop. I haven't been writing about that trip as police was tracking him down and I handed my Valerie contact cards with my blog address to them. My Christmas present was news he was found and so was my laptop. Praise Amsterdam police and certain gorgeus long legged blonde Dutch in the forces whom I dutifully explained my whereabouts that night. Well not quite all LOL.. "If you want to recognize me from the surveillance cameras I'm the one with blonde hair, short leather mini (short enough to show my stayups) and high heel boots" - "The hotel security confirmed there was somebody who could have been a tranny" I take that as a compliment as they didn't clearly recognize it LOL. I was supposed to go to Clinic Fetish Party the night after but I got so freaked out by my stolen laptop that it killed all my party mood. Only parts were backed up so 5gigs of pictures, personal records, official records of some organizations I'm heading and my company bookkeeping lost! Yikes.. I'm so happy it was found, hopely I can recover most of the data as well.

working girl

Moral of the story: Don't trust Bulgarian people with questionable lifestyle, even though your best friends happen to be Bulgarian and Russian. The fact they are ph.d. might contribute more than their nationality.

The following week I was working in NL and got so frustrated with seemingly no advances in the investigation I went back to RLD try track the bitches down.. In between I decided to check the Casa Roso live sex show which is claimed to be "something you have to see once in your life" by respectable travel guides. I've never been to one so why not? Crowd mostly middle-aged Jap salarimen. The first show was just B-class striptease, next one a middle aged, overwheight "domina" show I wasn't even very interested in. Middle of the show she came down stage looking for partner from the audience. After unsuccessfully trying to have the salariman behind me she turned to me. Mistake. Now I've been on stages with thousands of people in audience and I've done striptease and unfortunately I'm a bit crazy whatever clothes, although it doesn't show until I do something ;) So there I was on Casa Rosso stage with 50 people watching.. I warned the girl I don't like hard spanking, and after a second one I slammed her back on her ass. Friendly, but firmly. I do have a hard time being a bottom you know. Mistake. The show stopped and this mountain of flesh nickname security literally threw me out of the place. Something to laugh at afterwards but I wasn't so happy at the moment. I pay to come to see bad shows, I'm asked to participate in it and when I slap a girl on her ass in a s/m show it's beyond limits? Get real..

Moral of the story: I really don't have to participate in everything I can, some things are just not worth it.

I did my pit stop record: two weeks in Belgium - Netherlands, 30 hours from touchdown to Bangkok takeoff, 12 hours at home. Oh and I was flying business Bangkok, free champagne all the way! ;) I had my TG alarm ringing loud all the way, I was 97% sure my fellow passanger on the row was a m2f TS going for SRS or FFS, but due to acute shyness and the Norwegian guy between us I held myself from the friendly line "You TS?"

There was some spice to this otherwise seemingly dull blog of my party escapades. Hope you still love me LOL.. I'll be back in couple of weeks.

Happy 2008!