Friday, June 29, 2007

Broke up

Is there anything more tearful than tranny love life?


Justin Timberlake: What Goes Around (Comes Back Around)

Based on a true story.

Destination LHR

Who you gonna call when there's an emergency situation in London? I'll be flying there on Sunday afternoon for a 5 day job. Looking forward to having some girly fun too. Although after Sparkle I joined the Anonymous Alcoholic Trannies' Support Group. Again.

How many days per year you have to spend in UK to get citizenship? With my current rate I could cancel my Finnish one at least.

The week after I'm expecting to have a nordic surprise act in Helsinki. Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sparkle: Full report

Went to Manchester. Got wasted. Had Fun. And oh, there were 1.000 other trannies too.

Seriously, finally got home. I will be so overwhelmed by work by next couple of days I'll write something later. Just big hugs to my friends old and new (you know my address, send me mail and I'll get in touch with you).

It was the wildest party in my life. And others agree.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

6 am eternal

Just got back to hotel. Tonight's party was *****. Period.

Mel C: I turn to you

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mid-term resurrection

After lying hours in a (empty) bathtub I think I od'd yesterday with vodka red bull. and red wine. and whiskey. and champagne. Now that I'm coming to terms with my frickin head again I guess I better start preparing for tonight.

Was great to see everybody, have some chats and dancing. Tonight will be even better because I will try to remember what I do.

Sorry if I was a bitch. Unfortunately I am sometimes when I have too many. But I'm cute bitch. I love you all, really.

So let's go again!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sparkle: The Arrival

Arrived at The Place this morning. I was feeling a bit weak in the plane as I was quietly enjoying couple of drinks and chasing Milla with lawnmover the night before.
As usual we were hugely late at check in and Milla's baggage didn't arrive to Manchester. After bitching about it for one hour she got drunk, forgot about it and passed out. Now we are preparing for the night, probably going to survey the Village. Jo arrived too and we'll see soon..

Letters to the Management:

Dear Sir(s),

While I appreciate your spacious bathroom facilities with generous mirror, it is utterly annoying that the bathroom shelves are all inclined outwards. All the makeup continues to fall out.

Yours faithfully,
Brigadier Sir Charles Arthur Strong, Mrs.

P.S. I have never kissed the editor of the radio times.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tranny Footprint

My Tranny Footprint

I emit as much trannieness as:

everyone at Sparkle

Calculate your tranny footprint at BeckysWeb!

(Which is logically impossible, as I'm at Sparkle too!)

Besides being a wonderful person Becky is the sharpest pen in tranny blogosphere, and one of the original sources of my inspiration. I'll tell you about it. Later. Now I'm too busy going to sauna, drinking Cranberry Finlandia Vodka and doing my pre-Sparkle defuzz.

And this is not a warm up for next week, Bex, just an occasion to give you credit! :)

PS: Blogger auto language detection is nice, provided you're in your native territory. Couple of weeks ago in Istanbul was... err... interesting. That was the most Turkish I ever learnt.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sparkle Countdown

Hotel The Place - check
Tickets HEL-MAN - check
New pink camera - check

I haven't bought new clothes for ages so I'll have to check my inventory and see if I have to go shopping. On Thursday I'll hit Manchester with due Milla, neither of which have been to England before. We'll be staying at The Place until Monday, so should be a proper party do! Gosh I have been waiting for Sparkle! So nice to attend the mother of all tranny parties, the party that made me who I am. So nice to see all my English friends, and maybe meet some new. I feel like going to the class reunion after 10 years, a little nervous to see how my best friends have been doing lately, hoping everything would be as much fun as "back then".

I know. It will. Manchester, watch out :).

I didn't go out for two months until last weekend, longest break ever since I started going out. Which is not so long ago, honestly. Been just too busy and usually it's not lightweight partying what happens if I go out. To give you an impression, let's see what happened..

I prepared at my gfriend Milla's parent's place with her and her friend. We had quite a proper amount of drinks before calling a taxi to DTM. Entering the place standard bottle of sparkling, then some considerable amount of drinks and dancing. Lot of fun together. Where time stopped, gfriend Milla came and threw her strawberry margarita on my white clothes and ran away. She declared on phone we're divorced as she's not so important to me. I cried on her friend's shoulder and he took us to sleep at his friend's place. Rewind (based on 3rd party stories). While she was spending time with her friends I was dancing with other girls, and when she later found me I was sitting on a couch and a turkish taxi driver was trying to find his way into my panties. At that point I hardly even knew my name let alone the nationality or sex of my companion, but as Milla was in similar condition she drew conclusions in a nanosecond and reacted.

The next day I ended up walking through Helsinki with ladies' white (ex, changed mostly into the color of strawberry) capris and a borrowed t-shirt and nothing else (like shoes) to see Milla and get back normal. Half an hour of talking and everything was perfect again. Sat night we went to party again, I was in boy mode this time. Milla said all gays were drooling on me, and our dance show attracted the attention as usual.

Just a standard night out, again.

We love each other to bits and know we're made for each other, but both of us are temperamentic, sometimes frighteningly so.

Sari kehuu

"8.6.2007. I'm really happy for you! In addition that you look good on the dance floor you are a very nice person :) Regards, Sari"

I got this slip from a girl at DTM. Milla got similar one a moment before. It's so nice to feel accepted and loved by everyone. Sari, if you're ever reading this, thanks a lot.